Writing Tips and Ideas and Finding Outdated Links

I’ve been combing through some of my old bookmarks and such to find things to share each week. I have found some of them are missing. Thankfully, most things are not lost forever, thanks to the internet archive. :) You simply copy the link you were attempting to access, go to archive.org and then paste it in the Wayback Machine and click enter. It will open up a calendar page.

Internet Archive ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Click on one of the highlighted dates.

How to use internet archive ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Sometimes it won’t produces any good results, so you click the left arrow.

Archive.org how to ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhich in this case will bring you to this page for the link I wanted to share. :) It is 15 grammar goofs. It includes words that are frequently confused with handy ways to remember which is the correct usage.

The other link I wanted to share with you today is a quick writing tip. The author found an easy, painless way to get her child, who normally bemoans any writing at all, to write effortlessly. She shares that having her child make a wacky list was the key. Head on over and read her succinct post. She also has a free printable with some list ideas for you. :) I think it’s a cute idea and will give your kids  fun writing activity to look forward to in their week. Hey, maybe one of the lists they could make is a list of lists. :D

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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