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Dressy Night Dinner ~
I’m cheating a bit with this picture because it is from the cruise, but it is of all of us sitting down to dinner.

I found out recently that this month is National Sunday Super Month. Yep, gather the family together for a sit down dinner every Sunday, all month long. Unfortunately, I’m on a body cleanse and won’t be off for another couple weeks. It’s okay though because the four of us eat dinner together, at the table, nearly every night. We also like to have Brian and Lauren out for dinner a couple of times each month too.

I just checked the website,, and they are counting down until this Sunday. So I guess that is their focus. It doesn’t seem as if they have put much into promotion.

Our Christmas Tree ~ LifeOfJoy.meAs many of you may know, I wait until after Epiphany, which is January 6th, to take down my Christmas presents. Well, as it turns out, Mike was home yesterday BUT it since it has rained, the ground is muddy and Mike didn’t want to go traipsing around out there to bring in the boxes to put it all away. So here I am sitting in my living room with the Christmas decorations still up. I can definitely say, I am done with them. ;)




This and That ~

There is something that I have desired for a while now and I that I am finally going to get but I can’t tell what it is yet. I’m so excited! I know, that isn’t very fair of me. I just can’t help myself! ;)


Another thing I’m excited about is that we get to go to the mountains in Virginia, where my friends have a cabin and spend some time with them. Stephanie was my matron of honor in our wedding. She and Paul have been friends with Mike and I ever since. Unfortunately, we only lived near each other for a short time and then they moved. We introduced them to camping years and years ago and thus got to enjoy that with them a couple of times every year for  several years.

It has been quite some time since we’ve actually camped. As I said, they have a cabin in the mountains and we are always welcome there but I could not justify us spending money on a vacation, when we desperately needed to save money for a new vehicle. Thankfully, we were blessed to get an awesome deal on a vehicle last March. So, this year we are getting together with these dear friends, once again. It will be a very relaxing and enjoyable time.

Camping ~
These aren’t very good pictures but at least I have something. I pulled this page right out of my photo album. Obviously, I’m no scrapbooker. ;)

Well, I’ve rambled enough for today. I’ll run for now. Hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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