Super Bowl LIV Dinner

Michael likes to watch football, although the kids dislike it. I don’t care either way. I learned to at least understand the game shortly after we were first married. We used to get together with my parents and sister and her family for the big game and Mom would make homemade pizza. We did this for a number of years.

Then I was very committed to a diet I was on and pizza was off plan for several years but I managed to make something to go along. ;) Then for a couple years someone was on vacation or sick or we just were not interested in the game that year. It’s been a couple years now that we haven’t gotten together to watch the game.

Since the game comes on at 5:30 central, it is right around dinner time. So I made dinner food that was like game watching food. ;) I made garlic parmesan wings for Michael’s main meat.

Then Tiffany made the Eggplant “Queso”, which I had with pork rinds while the rest had some baked Tostitos chips.

It doesn’t look the best but it is pretty good for a queso made without cheese.

When I originally made this meal plan, this was it. But I’d planned ribs for dinner on Saturday but I wasn’t up to making them that night. Since I’d already thawed them, I needed to go ahead and cook them. Thus we had some amazing ribs. :) Fall off the bone tender with some good spice rub and homemade barbeque sauce.

I’ll share that recipe soon. I decided to share what we had even though the big game is over because it was just some good food that can be eaten any time. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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