March Holidays and Observances

Owl Week ~ LifeOfJoy.meIt is hard for me to believe that March will start this weekend. When my children were young, time seemed to pass so slowly but now it seems to be going by in a blur. At any rate, I thought I would share some ideas for study this month.

Usually there are several food related observances but they are a bit slim this month. Here are the few I found:

  • National Frozen Food Month – I guess we can look forward to some sales on some of those frozen fruits and vegetables, maybe. Most likely there will be sales on those frozen dinners/entrees. I did see that Hussmann will be giving away one freezer each week in March via the Easy Home Meals facebook page.I guess we could celebrate National Frozen Food Month by preparing some freezer meals for easy cooking later. :)
  • Quinoa is the grain of the month – So I guess now is a good time to try out this low carb grain. I’ve seen recipes for fried quinoa, which looks like vegetable fried rice. I’ve also seen some salads that look decent by merely searching “quinoa” on Pinterest. But maybe the recipe you want to try though combines quinoa with peanut butter; this one looks good.
  • National Peanut Month – America’s Test Kitchen has a really good peanut butter cookie recipe. My favorite way to eat peanut butter cookies is topped with chocolate frosting. :)
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month and National Nutrition Month

Here are just a few non-food related observances this month:

  • Credit Education Month – this would probably be a good idea to talk about with the high school age family members. I believe Dave Ramsey and Crowne Financial have some materials to help teach about finances from a biblical perspective.
  • National Craft Month – pick a project to work on as a family or find age appropriate crafts for each of your children to do individually.
  • International Mirth Month and Humorists are Artists Month – check out some fun comedians like Tim Hawkins or Bananas Comedy website or on youtube.

Want something a little more scholarly? How about these:

  • National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week
  • National Words Matter Week, for the writer in your family
  • National Sleep Awareness Week (ok maybe not scholarly but necessary for good health)
  • Read an e-book Week
  • Severe Weather Preparedness Week

If you use Five in a Row curriculum, you might consider ‘rowing’ Owl Moon because next week is Festival of the Owls.

My main resource for finding observances is Brownielocks.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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