It’s Conference Week Again

For the last several years we’ve been invited to a gathering on the Thursday night of conference week. However, because we live 35-40 minutes from church and we are busy helping in the kitchen and such and because there is a two hour layover between the gathering’s beginning and the end of service, we usually just go home.

This time we were told to just come over as soon as church was over. With such a sweet offer, we decided to take them up on it. It was nice to hang out with the ladies and help as they attended to the final touches for the gathering. Then people started to arrive. Oh My Gracious did they pack a lot of people in the house.

Sean built a fire in the chiminea for them. It was much needed because the house was full and some stepped outside but the temperature must have dropped twenty degrees or more and was a bit chilly outside.

It was a nice time of fellowship but this introvert was ready to hit the road before the night got to late. On the way home we ran into some rain a downpour. Of course, we drive so far that we managed to get on the other side of the rain and beat it home. It started catching up with us as we were making our way into the house and then it poured!!!

It’s been a good week. The ladies that get there bright and early to put out the food are awesome. I’m so thankful that they are willing and able to be there at 6:30am because I am not functioning very good that early. ;)

Funny thing happened with the coffee this year. We always get Dunkin’ Donuts brand coffee. This year was no different. Monday afternoon Michael asked me why we made French vanilla coffee. I assured him that I did not and that it was our regular coffee.

Come Tuesday I was told by another lady that we had French vanilla coffee. We looked at the bag and low and behold, it was French vanilla!!! I told the office and they were stunned too. The last part of the week we had the regular coffee. Michael was right; it was French vanilla. :D

Those pancakes I made last Saturday really have helped us eat properly. We’ve eaten them three days this week for breakfasts. So nice to pop them in the toaster to heat them up. And of course, we had the second batch for breakfast Tuesday.

Well, I’m going to run for now. I’ll try to add some pictures later.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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