In Memory of Helena Norman

It is so sad when someone you know and see on a consistent basis passes on from this life. It isn’t as difficult when they are in their 80’s or 90’s but anything under that is hard and the younger the harder.

Picture from Moore Funeral Homes and Crematory.

Last week a very faithful lady in our church passed away. Helena Norman was committed to Christ and her family. She was an excellent example to many. She will be greatly missed.

Her memorial service was last week and Michael, Tiffany, Sean, and I volunteered to help out in any way needed. We served the light lunch following the service. The microphone was opened up for people to share thoughts and memories; it was so nice to hear how she impacted her co-workers and church members alike. I didn’t know her very well but she usually had a smile on her face. By the time we returned the The Family Prayer Center, where she attended for over twenty years, her son Isaac was already grown and off at college. Seeing him at the memorial service and his heart for those that had come, his appreciation and compassion for those who shared and then his smile, you couldn’t help but see Helena.

Helena Norman's Memorial service ~
This picture was taken on a very special day, as I don’t think I ever saw her wearing eye shadow before. ;)

When I took the picture above, there was music playing. It was so good that I thought it was a recording and I glanced up and this is what I saw.

Live Music ~ Lifeofjoy.meBrenda, who plays in church frequently, was playing the keyboard. It was beautiful. I’m sure it was very difficult for her since they were good friends. Helena had been battling cancer for a while. I don’t know how long she fought; I do know they had time to prepare, while doing all she knew to do to be healed on this earth.

The service was a light, joyful time, as is common with fellow Christians, since we are assured they have gone on to a better place. Helena had served in the military and so there was a flag presentation. The two young men (they were probably in their late 20’s to early 30’s ;) ) that did the flag presentation and playing of Taps did an amazing job. I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the place when they were done. I commended them as the left, telling them that theirs was the hardest part of the service and that they’d done an amazing job. They were so soulful and had such respect. I can imagine the music being played for the funeral of someone lost while on active duty would be even more gut-wrenching. Wow!

Thankfully, we know that Helena knew Jesus was the Son of God, He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and was crucified for our sins. Helena accepted Him as her Savior and definitely lived her life for Him. Thus we know, she is now in heaven rejoicing with those who have gone on before her.

We stayed until there were just a couple people left. Two sweet ladies of the church joined us at the end and helped us do the final clean-up. It was nice to catch up with them, as we hadn’t talked in a while. It was a good day.

Michael had proposed the day before that we go see a movie we’d been wanting to see but I had a feeling that we’d be finished between showings and wouldn’t want to be hanging around town. I was right. ;) So we headed home and had a relaxing evening together.

Well, I didn’t intend to write the entire post on this subject but I think it is fitting. Helena was a dear lady and sister in Christ, whom I look forward to seeing again in eternity.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those you have in your life.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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