Favorite Christmas Books

My sister asked me about these this week and I realized that I hadn’t reminded you about them. So I’m here today to right that wrong.

Advent Books ~ Lifeofjoy.meJotham’s Journey is a great book that is set up with small portions to read each night throughout the four weeks prior to Christmas. It is set at the time of Jesus’ birth and is a fun adventure for children around age 8 and up. There are some tense moments that may be a bit too much for those younger than 8 but you know your children and what they can handle. It really is a good story.

If you have read this one, then there are two sequels you might enjoy as well: Tabitha’s Travels and Bartholomew’s Passage. These are set up the same way as Jotham’s Journey and also enjoyable. :)

Good Kids Christmas Book ~ LifeOfJoy.meThis is another book I really loved to read to the kids. It’s a bit longer than most of the Christmas books I had for them but I loved it so much I got it for Christmas recently. I wrote more about it on this post.

I also wrote about another book I really love called One Wintry Night which tells the salvation story. It is a sweet book that can be read one chapter at a time and with just eleven chapters it is a shorter commitment than Jotham’s Journey and the sequels.

I’ll share a few more of my favorite children’s Christmas books in the next weeks. I’d love to know what Christmas book traditions you have. I’m always looking for a new Christmas book. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº


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