Engage in the Blessed Marital Activity Often

Engage Marital Bed ~ Lifeofjoy.meAs we age, sometimes things don’t work like they used to in our bodies, that’s when we do our research, pray, and do whatever we can to make things better. But we do not give up. If your back is stiff, you do stretches and research to see what might be causing it. Could it be time for a new bed? Are you sitting too much? Did you work too much in the yard yesterday? Any of these things can cause some undesirable feelings.

Sometimes when we don’t engage in intimacy, the body does not desire intimacy (this is generally more true of women and definitely in the child-bearing years). God made our bodies to benefit from intimacy–even hugs have been proven to benefit our health.  I think it is important not to quit, even if your body is not responding the way it should; don’t stress over it but do relax with your hubby and love on each other. It’s okay to take some time, play, have fun with each other, laugh, and try something new.

Don’t let the time between being intimate with your hubby get longer and longer either. It seems to me that when the body gets aroused, it tends to be aroused more easily the next time and more often. It reminds me of inertia . . . a body at rest stays at rest until acted upon by an outside force and the opposite is also true . . . thinking about intimacy gets the body moving in that direction. Now don’t go reading erotica or looking at porn but do think about what you can wear to make you feel more “in the mood” or light a candle in the bedroom or maybe even put on some soft music. I guess what I’m saying is, put a little effort into being intimate with your spouse.

God made sex and made our bodies to benefit from it, so be sure to engage in this blessed activity with your hubby on a regular basis or as some Christian marriage bloggers say, more days than not. :)

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

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