Christmas Books with Children

Throughout the month of December I always liked to read a lot of Christmas books with the children. One year I got a bunch from Here’s my current children’s holiday book shelf but sadly, I know it is missing a few books.

Here are some of my favorites.

Another great xmas book ~ LifeOfJoy.meAdvent Books ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd it’s sequels. :)

Christmas Chapter Books ~ Lifeofjoy.meGood Kids Christmas Book ~ LifeOfJoy.meI’ve written about these books before here and here.

One good idea is to look for a collection of Christmas stories. I have these although I don’t think I read them much at all because we did the advent ones by Ytreeide most.

Here are some more individual stories we have.

I like this one because it is cloth and very brightly colored.

I had intended to show you a picture of the inside but the page I snapped a photo of was the same as the cover. :D Oh well, it’s bright inside and has the words on one side of the page and on the facing page is a full page picture. (Sorry, too late to take another picture. ;) )

I recorded this cartoon from television one year because I really liked it and then one day I heard that they’d send you a copy of the book for free. I like that I have this. :)

This next one is a favorite. We read Cranberry Thanksgiving in Five in a Row, so this one was extra fun for us.This next one is a favorite of mine because it talks about the real Saint Nicholas.

I got that one from Book Outlet . com too. :)

The last one I’ll share with you today is the one I got for my little grandson last year (I think). It is a hide and seek book, Christmas style. :)

I hope you’ll cuddle up with your children and make some memories together with some meaningful books. I’d love to hear your favorites.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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