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Because Friday is finally here and I need one day to talk about whatever comes to mind.

It’s Spring! Puppies, Fruit Tree Blossoms, and More Animals to come

It’s been busy here this week. We started the week ordering chicks that are due to arrive in a few weeks. Things need to be shaped up and spruced up a bit for their arrival.

We’ve looked into getting some lawn mowers goats; they’re not quite ready to leave their mamas. We have a lot of food for them and eagerly await their arrival. Of course, that means we have to have their lodging ready as well.

Tiffany and Sean have been wanting Australian Shepherds or Aussies, as they are also known, for quite some time. Tiffany found some decent deals on a tri-color male and a blue merle. She was hoping for a red merle but that was not to be. They are looking forward to breeding them in the future.

We’ve settled on Finn for the tri-color male. We’re not sure if it is Finnegan, Phineas, Finnley, or what yet but Finn it is. He is eight weeks old.

This blue merle is Heidi. She got her name because the first night she kept getting back in Michael’s gaming corner, hiding from Finn and Shiloh. She is a couple weeks younger than Finn and you can definitely tell it in her size. I’m expecting to see her really grow in the next couple of weeks. Although, she may surprise me and be a bit smaller. We shall see. Part of the reason these pups were added to our family is because Shiloh is 10 years old. She doesn’t act it a lot of the time but she is definitely getting older. Sasha is about 14 years old. She’s our watchdog outside and is a blue tick heeler. She is definitely in her twilight years. (Here’s a picture of Shiloh.)

Interestingly my sister had a littermate of Shiloh’s and they had to put her down last year due to health problems. My parents had a littermate of Sasha’s and they went out to feed her one morning a couple of years and she had passed away. Sooooo, Sasha and Shiloh have already outlived their littermates. It will be good to have some puppies here that will ease the loss when these eventually pass . . . but we’re not thinking on that right now. ;)

I showed pictures last week of the Bradford Pear trees. Tiffany took some pictures of our other blooms around the front of the property. The daffodils look bright and cheery. :)

Here are some pictures of the fruit trees in bloom. This peach tree has some nice pink blossoms.

I don’t have a picture that shows how small this tree is but it isn’t as big as this plum tree.

It’s got a decent amount of blooms. :) But this poor plum tree is quite puny. I’m hoping now that it has had some fertilizer and mulch, it will do a bit better. Even so, it still has some blooms.

Then there’s our volunteer peach tree out in the chicken coop. It is much bigger than any of the others. I guess that is a testament to good fertilizer. ;)

I hope these turn out better than they did last year. Most of the fruit last year did not ripen or mature properly. Very sad. But we have hope renewed this year. :)

Spring is so pretty! Tiffany has planted a lot of seeds–started them indoors and going to move them out as soon as they are big enough and we’re pretty certain we won’t get another freeze. We got some flower seeds from Dollar Tree and looking forward to blooms all summer long. :)

Well, that’s what’s going on here. I hope to share some cute puppy pictures in the weeks to come. I hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Books, Deals, and Spring

At the library last week I was in the science fiction section and saw that there is a sequel to Saucer, one of the books that I read last week. I read the summary and decided I was not interested, at least this time around. ;)

We did get the next 4 or 5 sequels to The Invisible Library. I’m looking forward to reading them. But I waited until I finished The Codex; I checked it back in and then rechecked it out of the library because I was interested in how it was going to end.

Book: The Codex

I’ve finished The Codex now and it has some s* words and maybe a few others and there is a two-paragraph scene that needed to be skipped. I liked how it ended and ended up really liking some parts that at first were mildly offensive but in retrospect really made me laugh and I ended up laughing over them with Tiffany. I do have to admit that there were several points where I wasn’t sure I wanted to finish it. I guess that means it had slow bits. The slow bits were important to build the story though. It had some fun twists and some good character development. Overall, a decent book (if you can overlook some cursing).

Shopping: WinCo Deals

This week WinCo had big pork butt roasts for 98¢ a pound. These are big packages! I told Tiffany to get a small one and it was 20 pounds! I asked if they could cut it for me. I wasn’t sure if it was two huge pieces or just one. The employee took it back to the butcher and they cut each roast into three pieces for me. They re-wrapped them and labelled it so that the cashier would know that it was two packages for one price.

They also had some nice thick pork loin chops (I think that is what they were labelled) at $1.78 a pound. I like a nice thick pork chop from time to time. Michael will have a chicken breast when we eat these.

Cheese was also marked down. Colby Jack was less than $3 a pound. Oh! the ten pound rolls of 73% ground beef were marked down too, under $16. It was about a dollar cheaper than any week yet. Sooo, of course, I had to get some. :) Sean and I are usually the ones to eat this, so we’re set for a while. I cut up the roll into 8 pieces, so each one was a little over a pound. I then bagged each one into a freezer bag and now our freezer is full.

Their chicken breast was up to $1.78 a pound this week. I’ll be watching for it to go back down and stock back up again. ;) I still have about 10 pounds or so in the freezer but that won’t last real long because Michael will eat chicken when we eat pork. The frozen ground turkey chubs are $1.38 a pound, so that is nice for Michael when we have a ground beef meal.

There are a few meals in which I prefer ground beef: meatloaf, hamburgers, and tacos. Tiffany usually eats the ground turkey with Michael and Sean eats the ground beef with me. :)

It looks like spring has sprung here. The Bradford Pear trees have bloomed and our daffodils have blossomed. The peach tree and the plum trees have blossomed as well. :)

(Thanks to Sean for sharing his pictures with me. :) )

Well, I’ve rambled enough for today and will run for now.

Until next time, I hope you have a great weekend,
Michele ºÜº

More Reading, Papaya, and a Sweet Note

We are library bound today. :) I read several books this week, you know, because we have to take them back today. I was still reading that crazy Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, where the main character’s father was a mountain and his mother a washing machine–although I was curious about it, it just wasn’t doing it for me.

I decided to put it down for a bit and read one of the three others I was really wanting to get to before we returned them. Enter Little Shop of Found Things.

This one is about a gal who can sometimes tell the history of an item when she touches it. (I know–it’s fantasy, okay, stay with me.) Anyway, she ends up going back in time to save a young girl in the 1700’s. I love time travel books and this one was fun.

It mentioned how Catholics were killed as witches or something . . . basically, it was against the law to be Catholic at the time. I find this interesting, and unfair, even though I’m not Catholic, and something I want to look into to see if it has a basis in history.

I do wish that the book had had her interacting with more objects but then found that . . . you guessed it, it’s a series! :D So now I want the second one which is something like, Secret of the Chocolate Pot or such.

I finished it up enjoying it. Then I started The Invisible Library. This one sounded so much like one I would enjoy and it did not disappoint me. :)

Oh My Gracious! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It had elements that I didn’t think I’d like but it fit so nicely and was a really interesting read. Of course, it too is a series and so I am hoping to get all of it today. I may have to purchase this one.

Basically it is about a secret library and its librarians that occupy a different reality . . . just stay with me . . . and they preserve special, unique, and original copies of books. They go into different alternate realities and take a rare book and bring it back to the invisible library. This is a very bad description of this book . . . sorry about that.

Irene is handed a novice librarian for this mission to get a certain book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. They end up in all kind of upheaval from alligators with machine contraptions on them to make them more dangerous, to werewolves chasing them, to their zeppelin being shot at and so much more. :)

When I put it down to get some chores done, I handed it Tiffany and told her she’d enjoy it and should start reading it. The banter of the characters grabbed her right away and she loved it too.

I also read Saucer by Stephen Coonts. I enjoyed it too but not as much as The Invisible Library. I have to admit that I thought it was going to go a completely different direction than it did. It starts out with an oil surveying team finding a saucer and digging it out of the rock. They get it started and fly away before a billionaire, and two different governments can seize it. Now, when I read the summary, which stated about that much, I expected them to have some kind of outer space adventure but that was not the case. It was about how they learned to fly it and keep it away from everyone else. (Of course that is oversimplifying it quite a bit. ;) ) And there is no picture here because the others were taken by Tiffany and she was kind enough to send them to me. :)

New Food to Us

Pearl and Serene of Trim Healthy Mama have been saying how wonderful papaya is, both in taste and in health benefits. I’ve tasted it before but wasn’t thrilled with it. However, my tastes have changed over the last several years so when we saw it on sale at WinCo this week, we thought we’d give it a try.

It looks delicious!

Again, photo is courtesy of Tiffany Michele. :) It looks scrumptious. But I tasted it and it tastes a tiny bit garlicky and bland. :( I just don’t see what is so yummy about it but then again, I am one of those people to whom cilantro tastes like soap. So I guess we’re going to freeze this sucker and add it to shakes and things until it is gone. ;)

Sweet Son

Sean went out of town last weekend. He left before we were even awake but left us a sweet note. :)

It definitely brought me a smile.

Well, I think I’ve rambled enough for now. What are you reading? Do you like papaya? What does it taste like to you?

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

New Grocery Store (continued), Books & Reading, and Lettering

I gushed last week about WinCo, so I’ll try to keep it down this week. ;) We went back to WinCo this week and picked up a pineapple for 98¢ and some chicken breasts for about 98¢/lb. Of course, we picked up some other bulk items too.

Bottom line for this store is to know your prices. My sister buys her groceries with Walmart pickup, so this isn’t as big of a draw for her because they don’t have a pickup option. ;) But I’m a really good sister and I will just text her when I see a good deal, like those chicken breasts and the spare ribs for 98¢/lb again this week.

I found the lower fat cheese sticks to be cheaper than I usually get them, as well as lunch meat. Oh! We love their cheese. Such good cheese for $3.28/lb or it might have been $3.48/lb. It was delicious. :) The mozzarella is creamy and the gouda! Delicious!

Books . . . Reading

So, we managed to beat the system with our local library last week. You see, we were notified that we would need to renew our library cards on Wednesday but our books were due on Thursday and we still had one time we could renew this round of books before returning them to the library. However, if we had to renew our cards, we’d have to go to the library and wouldn’t be able to renew the books from home.

So on Tuesday we renewed the books. :) Now we don’t have to go to the library until next week. But that means I need to get busy and read any of these books I am wanting to read. I decided in order to get the majority of the books read, I’d read them by how many pages they have that way I’ll be finishing as many books as possible. :D

I’ve got Cages of Steel on my kindle that I’m reading. It’s an interesting sci-fi by Isaac Asimov. I finished up another book this week and have started a third but it is so odd that I think I may start another one to give my head a break from this sci-fi oddity. ;) Seriously, it’s odd–the main character’s father is a mountain, his mother is a washing machine, he has 3 brothers that are nesting dolls. Too weird!!! But I’ll keep pushing through it.

Modern Calligraphy

I’m really enjoying the class I’m taking. We’re working our way through the lower case letters of the alphabet (they’re called minuscules). I’ve gotten up through k now. Consequently yesterday I decided to write a few simple words. :) It was lots of fun! I am so glad I decided to continue with this. It’s very satisfying.

I struggled a bit with the k yesterday because it has two advanced strokes which I hadn’t practiced yet. I was having a tough time with the last leg of the k. I kept getting a point on the bottom, like a checkmark–not good. ;)

I really enjoyed writing some small words with the letters I have done. I keep practicing them, so that I get better. It was nice to put some together. :)

Well, that’s it for me today. I hope you have a nice weekend. I don’t know what I’ll be doing for sure but am looking forward to a peaceful one.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Last of the Snow and a New Store: Winco

I mentioned the snow last week. Well on day two of the snow, Tiffany made a snowman.

Notice the area where the snow has melted? Yeah, most of my friends’ snow was already gone by then. We still had enough for the snowman. :D

However the morning of day 4, this was all we had left. :D

I had Tiff snap a quick picture as we were leaving for church. There might have been some snow left up against the south side of the house and other things but this was all I could see.

This week is POURED rain!!!! Our puddles were in puddles. We were swamped. Tiffany and I decided not to go out in all that rain and just stayed inside . . . well, I did run out to put a card in the mailbox while it was raining, but that is nothing like running to four or more stores in the pouring down rain. Of course the day we did run errands it was FREEZING cold! Yep! Very very cold (for OK). ;)

New Store: Winco

We had a new store open up. Remember me telling you about that store that was opening up next to Ross? Well, it is now open and Tiffany and I checked it out this week.

I’m impressed. They have some really good prices! Of course, like most other stores, you need to know your prices. If you go, the have some price labels that have a green sticker; these are special prices . . . think sales.

BULK Section

Their bulk sections is amazing!

Fresh ground nut buttersSeveral different honeys, one was raw honey Bulk spices!!! (These prices are per POUND.) I think they had a couple dozen different spices. Different colored popcorn kernels Brown Rice Pastas!!! If these taste like the ones we buy elsewhere I’m going to be very happy because they are quite a bit cheaper. :)  More brown rice pasta and some parmesan cheese. Then there was a bin below for the brown rice spaghetti. :) (It’s cheaper than what I’ve been spending too. ) These bean mixes look good. A nice vegetable soup mix, very clean ingredients. Such a great price on the split peas. I’ll have to get some of them next week and plan to make some split pea soup. The recipe I have is called Cheapskate Soup. :) At this price it really will be. Coconut flour, almond flour, gluten free flour!!! Wonderful! I will have to check the price I have been getting it. They had spare ribs for 98¢ a pound. It was a special, so I got two of their smaller packages. Their cheese is priced good too. We got a block of gouda and one of mozzarella. We snacked on the gouda and it was gooda!!! :)

No Credit Cards

They don’t take credit cards though. I usually use a card that gives me rewards for my purchases, but I knew ahead of time that I’d need to use cash or my debit card. I think they take checks too but I’m not sure.

No Memberships

So they say they are like a membership club (e.g. Sam’s, Costco) without a membership. They have the large bulk bags of oats, rice, and such and 50# bags of dog food too.

They even have animal snacks in bulk.

  I was impressed and will go back frequently . . . probably even every week. :o

We only did the perimeter of the store and spent an hour and a half there really looking over all that was available in the produce and bulk sections. We moved a bit more quickly through the rest of the perimeter of the store. We’ll check out the rest of it in the coming weeks. ;)

Well, that’s it from me today. I hope you have

And I want to wish my daughter-in-love, Lauren

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Snow, Glorious Snow, in Oklahoma


We got SNOW!!!

Okay, you probably get that I love snow. :) But I love snow in the south where it’s here today and gone in a couple of days. But I love to get a lot of it . . . which is relative but here it means at least three inches but preferably more. The news said we got about five inches but then it snowed a little bit more for a couple hours and the flakes were quite large for a bit. I love watching large snow flakes fall–it makes me happy.

We had a while when we got some nice big snow flakes! :p I love big snow flakes. Tiffany went outside and got some pictures for me. She takes some really nice pictures. :)

Although our yard got a good covering the road did not. But that is okay because our sleds are no more. We really must get some to be ready if we ever get enough snow on this hill (again).

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and started the melting process. By early afternoon the porch railing was nearly dry . . . okay, there was no snow left on it though. :)

Well, you probably can’t tell in the picture above but the sun was definitely shining and it was nice and bright. The remnants of the snow should be gone by this afternoon. No time for it to get all dirty and nasty–just beautiful clean white snow. :) Ahhhhh . . .

Lauren, being the dutiful daughter-in-love, sent video and pictures of Liam and Brian’s fun in the snow. :p

He’s getting soooo big!!! Love him to bits! <3

In other happenings this week, I decided to continue with the modern calligraphy class that goes through June this year. I did myself a favor and purchased the bundle last weekend of all the workbooks for the rest of the semester so that I don’t have to worry with purchasing during the sale at the end of each semester (plus I think I may have gotten a bit of a discount by getting all of them at once).

There was a challenge given to try our hand at the miniscules (lower case letters) before we even look at the workbook. This is the paper that Becca (the teacher) uses and recommends. Since I struggled seeing the lines of the workbook through my cheap tracing paper, I decided to pick this up, since I could get it at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. That brought the cost down to around $6.50 for the 80 sheets. It’s “high grade vellum paper.” However, most of the vellum paper I’ve seen is . . . I don’t know  . . . more see-through.

Here’s my attempt.

I put the drill strokes at the top, so that I could see them as I thought about how to make each letter. I’m looking forward to continuing with this. :)

A word about our youtube channel: Joyous Jabbers, I mentioned on previous Fridays about a video we’d done or planned to do but it has not yet materialized on the channel. Yeah, we completely forgot about filming a video right around the new year and then sickness invaded our home.

It is harder to film videos when the menfolk are home, as they were for several weeks at the beginning of the year. It’s not an excuse, just another contributing factor to our absence.

I’m going to go ahead and put both of those videos together that we made about my meat bargain shopping and upload it, hopefully this weekend. And once we get one up, it will be momentum to keep moving and uploading.

So I guess I only mention it to say, that we haven’t abandoned the channel completely and are just newbies at all of that. We’ll get our acts together, soon–I hope. ;)

I hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Clearance Sale Bust, Lettering Drills, and Cousin Playtime

Wow, a normal week! How wonderful. :) Okay, the guys have been home a bit early most of the week but that is fine. (Do you ever realize that you are saying the same word too much? It is more obvious when I’m writing. Then I used a synonym and realized that I wasn’t sure which homophone spelling to use and being too lazy to look it up, I did the only logical thing and chose another word. :o Thus the sentence did not start and stop with the word okay. :D )

I saw a video on youtube last month from a lady that used to work at Ross who shared that towards the end of January they’d be doing some big price reductions to clear out some inventory before they end their fiscal year. She said these prices would be as low as 49¢ for many items and many items would be found at $1.49 and such. She showed how to find them–basically look in each department’s clearance section.

Tiffany and I dutifully went the middle two weeks of January. While we did find some items on clearance, none were ridiculously cheap. We left each time empty handed.

Then the other day I saw a video from the same lady on her clearance trip to several Ross stores. She said that she’d shared on her instagram that the 27th was the day to start looking. Soooo, Tiffany and I went again this week. Evidently there were a LOT of others that saw the notice because we did not find but a couple of items that were drastically reduced in price. I did find these mittens in the men’s department.

They were regularly $9.99 and I got them for 49¢ for Tiffany. :) She tried them on and loved them. She’s also needed some ‘play in the snow’ gloves/mittens for a while. Now she has them AND they’re adorable.

Tiffany did find a really nice black and silver sparkly dress for only $3.49 BUT although it fit, it just didn’t flatter her and she probably wouldn’t wear it much, if at all. So we didn’t get it. So sad.

This is the last week of the free Show My Your Drills pre-lettering class I’ve been taking. She has done a giveaway all week for the workbooks for the next classes (which are not free, btw). The entries have all been different and some have been fun. If you look on my instagram, you can see all of them. Unfortunately, I didn’t save them outside of instagram, so I can’t put them all here for you.

I think this one is my favorite though. The prompt was to teach the drills to someone and she said that you could get creative with it if you didn’t have someone to teach. Well, I did have people I could have taught but I didn’t want to because I doubt they’d be interested. So I looked around for one of my snowmen, which will be put away at the beginning of next week, that could hold my pen. :) Success!I even included my finger pointing at the directions. :) The instructor liked it. :)

OH! I nearly forgot that my nieces spent the night. They enjoyed playing with their cousins. They all got on Roblox and they girls introduced Sean and Tiff to Bloxburg. You do have to pay a one-time fee of a dollar to play the Bloxburg portion but they all loved it. Yes, even my 20-somethings. ;)

My sister came that day and we had a good visit. One of the things we talked about was how we go to do one little thing and it takes hours because nothing can ever just be simple. So then our tasks accomplished for the day don’t look very productive but we know the truth. ;)

Well, that is how my week has gone. I still haven’t gotten to finishing the front pages of my bullet journal for 2020 but I’m hoping to get to it this weekend. Michael would really like to have my art items out of the kitchen and back into the craft room. ;) Plus, I’d just like to get the pages done; not that I will get through it quickly just to get it done though.

I hope you have a good weekend,

Michele ºÜº


Snow, Deals, and Busy Days

We had a LOT of rain last weekend. There was a “Celebration of Life” service at church last Saturday and it rained so much that we were flooded in. Then it got a bit cooler and we actually awoke Wednesday morning to some snow on the ground. Now I really enjoy watching the snow come down but it was really nice to see a bit on the ground when I got up that morning. :)


(I’m having a bit of internet/site trouble with pictures, so hopefully I’ll be able to get them added shortly.)

Michael made a very small snowman with the snow on his van and sent me a picture of it. He called it an Oklahoma Snowman. (I really hope I can share the picture soon.)

Sean had federal jury duty this week and had the foresight to ask what the procedure would be if we got snow. They ended up calling the jurors and notifying them that they’d start an hour later.

We had about an inch to an inch and a half of snow on the ground and cars but the cement blocks were clear, so we were pretty sure the roads would be as well. As is usual around here, it didn’t stay around long. By Thursday it was completely gone an din its place was some very wet ground.

Tiffany and I got some good deals on errand day. I got chicken breast for $1.06 a pound. I got about 20 pounds of it. Then I got a package of two pork butts at $1.15 a pound which is great because the best I’ve gotten it before was for $1.49 a pound. It ended up being about 16 or 17 pounds total weight. I also got some sausage for about a dollar a pound. I’ll have to check the ingredients out a bit better, I hope it’s good. I got these and a Red Baron frozen pizza for $2.70 at Cash Saver. It’s a bit further north than I prefer to go but we needed to go to Gardners (used book store) and trade in some books. Gardners is just a little over two miles from Cash Saver, so it worked out good.

We also popped in Ross to see if there were any clearance sales, as was stated by a youtuber but unfortunately we found nothing, last week or this week. There is a new store next door to Ross called WinCo. It is a Sam’s Club/Costco type store but without the membership fee. There were a couple dozen cars in the parking lot and the door was open, so we peeked inside. They were still putting up shelves and things but there was an employee there that gave me the information. Oh, they’ll be opening early February. I’ll be interested to check it out when it opens.

I haven’t spent any time with my family outside of my home since the first of the year, which is not like me at all. But I’ll visit with Tracie for a bit today and have her girls spend the night–I know they’re looking forward to “cousin time” with Sean and Tiffany.

Well, I hope you have a great weekend; I intend to.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Exercise (Ring Fit), Bujo, Something New, and Getting Back to Routines

Well, let’s see . . . what have I done this week? I’ve been consistently working out with the Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch. I actually enjoy doing it and yesterday I even wanted to play it again later in the day but of course I didn’t because I’m already sore. ;) A good sore, the kind that let’s you know it is actually doing some good, but sore all the same.

I’ve gotten back into my normal routines, pretty much. The mopping and such hasn’t happened yet but I’m confident I will get to it on a regular basis again quite soon. ;) I made my new chore page in my new bujo and really like it. It is appealing, so I may actually look at it a bit more often and thus get it done more than not. ;)

In the past several years, I’ve really liked sparkly washi tape; so my go-to washi tapes were my glittery or foil ones. However, so far this time around, I’m preferring florals. It will be interesting to see how the rest of my pages turn out.

Glitter Washi tape ~

Speaking of which, I’m way behind in getting my pages set up in my bujo (bullet journal). It’s really quite sad. At least I finally started using my new one. I just decided to skip a bunch of pages for the rest of my planned collection pages and for some future collection pages and even skipped a couple extra pages for my beginning monthly pages. Then I just started with a to-do list last Friday. I did draw a pretty little banner for that day but nothing else. I haven’t used it every day but I have used it several days.

I’m feeling so behind this year. Michael and Sean have been home for the last several weeks and that always throws a kink into how my days go. But they’ve gotten some work this week and it has been wonderful to start getting back into the groove. ;)

I started the Show Me Your Drills month long ‘class’ for learning the basic strokes of modern calligraphy. It started on the 6th, so we are nearing the end of the second week. I didn’t accomplish the drills every day this week but did manage to do quite a bit yesterday.

Tiffany and I made our first library trip of the year yesterday as well. They are remodeling, which is great and horrible, all at the same time. It was quite loud and the children and young adult sections are not all available. But Tiffany and I both came away with our allowed ten books each. We’ll upload a video on our Joyous Jabbers youtube channel tomorrow sharing what we got.

We popped into Ross this week when we ran into town and we found this really lovely journal. It’s called Talk to me Jesus, His words to you. I read a few lines of it in the store and my heart was pricked by some of the words.

“I talk to you day and night. I love to talk to you, to tell you things, to teach you, help you, and guide you.”

“Come! Come to Me, dear one. I hear your heart. I hear you when you lack energy and courage. I hear you when you are tired. I hear you when you feel pressured and stressed at life’s demands. I tell you, lean into Me and rest for a moment. Breathe in My presence.”

“Listen for Me early. When you awaken in the morning open your eyes and your ears at the same time. As the new day coaxes you awake, allow Me to kiss your thoughts withMy words. Allow My voice to caress your mind with Mine.”

Isn’t it pretty? :)

I read those snippets from the first several days and a couple other snippets as I thumbed through it and was sold. For $3.99 I had to bring this journal home with me. On the facing page to the writing for the day is a journal page to write my words to Him. Yesterday I chose to respond to the words on the opposite page, with my feelings about them and how they made me feel. I really think this is going to be a treasured keepsake. AND I think it is an answer to prayer.

You see, just a few days ago while in the shower I was praying and asked God to help me want to want to spend more time with Him. For him to help me hear Him better and deepen my relationship with Him. Then I found this journal. :) Yeah, I think it is an answer to prayer.

Well, I think that is enough from me for this week. I hope you are having a great week and working towards accomplishing your goals for this new year.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


LOTR, Ring Fit, Bujo, and Organizing

Well, I don’t really know what to say about the last week. It’s been a slow one around here with Michael and Sean home. We finished our Lord of the Rings marathon, complete with the Hobbit movies.

I’ve been working out with the Ring Fit Nintendo Switch game. It really does give you a good workout. Yesterday was my tenth or eleventh day using it and my muscles are definitely feeling it. Of course that’s a good thing. So maybe I’ll actually get fit. Now if I can just close my trap and stop exercising my right arm (to mouth ;) ) I might actually lose some weight. :D

I cleaned out my table and moved the art stuff I don’t use on a regular basis to the craft room. Then I started cleaning off the shelves in the craft room, sorting out the stuff that I no longer need to keep but that the kids may want for their future home educating endeavors. :)

I’ve gotten two shelves cleaned off and sorted on the floor. But I stopped there for the day and have yet to get back to it. I keep getting myself sidetracked from finishing it.

I’ve started working on my bullet journal. I just wasn’t ready to do it earlier. Tiffany was sick and the guys were home and so I just wasn’t into working on my bullet journal pages or even writing in the new one at all. However I’ve been working on it for two days and only have my Year-at-a-Glance (Future Log) and about 3 other collection pages completed.

I realized on Monday that we’d completely forgotten to do a video for our youtube channel the week after Christmas and then Tiffany wasn’t feeling good last week and we didn’t get one done then either. So, hopefully we’ll get one done and up in the morning.

I’d add more pictures but I’m too tired to do so today. I’m working to be a bit more productive next week. ;)

I hope your new year is going well.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº