Zen-Untangled Week 17: Isochor, Beelight, and Sez

Well this week’s Zen-Untangled tangle list includes some that I don’t really care for. ;) Beelight, BeeLine, Isochor, Pendrils, Scaribou, Sez, and Shattuck are the tangles of the week. I have to admit that I absolutely do NOT like Scaribou!!! Not at all. ;)

I also don’t care for Pendrils, Sez, nor Isochor. However, I love Shattuck and it is one I like to use. Beelight and BeeLine are two that I haven’t used much and even struggle with BeeLine a bit, when I have chanced to use it. ;)

So choosing three tangles to use on the suggested string this week was a bit of a challenge. Now you might guess that I used Shattuck since it is the tangle that I really enjoy but surprise, surprise, I didn’t. I could have found a place for it in the tile but I just didn’t feel like it fit easily this time.

So I went with an easy one, Beelight. I followed Holly’s sample mixed up the direction that I pointed the arches. I think it turned out pretty nice. Although I’m not good at auras, I enjoyed tangling with Isochor when I made the step-out for it this week. So I thought it would go nicely in this string and give me some much needed aura practice–so in it went.

I decided to go with sez for my third tangle. I went and got some sesame seeds and dropped them down on the section and replaced them with dots as actually directed by the tangle instructions. I struggled a bit with the shading for this one.

Well here is the tile before any shading both scanned and a picture taken in natural light (on our nice sunny day).

It kind of looks like a Wall-E type character looking at me. :D

Here’s the shaded scan and natural light picture.

I like how this turned out and, more importantly, I enjoyed tangling it. :)

Have you ever seen the tangle Scaribou? It is definitely a weird one (kinda looks like caribou heads, I guess).

Well, I’m going to run for today. I really appreciate you stopping by and I hope you have a great week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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