Yincut Zenith

iamthedivacztLaura Harms is back from her summer vacation and has challenged us to use the newly publicized official tangle Zenith. It was publicly released last week and although I thought it looked like a fun tangle, I did not play with it yet.

FB□1 ~ LifeofJoy.meThe focus of the Facebook group Square One Purely Zentangle this week is Yincut. I didn’t really like yincut before because of the sparkle in it but when I recently realized that it could be drawn without the sparkle it came way up on my list of tangles. ;) So I combined the two on this tile.

As I said, I had not played with Zenith at all before this tile. I drew a loopy string and tried to apply zenith to it. That did not go so well. I flipped my tile over (obviously, I’m not using official Zentangle tiles because the back of mine are blank) and tried again with two diagonal lines and then one in the opposite direction.

My second attempt at Zenith was on the two diagonal lines. I made my initial curves too small and then I didn’t realize I was supposed to aura before adding the orbs. :\  Oh well…I had another opportunity with the other diagonal line. I drew it hollibaugh fashion, behind the first two and much larger. This worked much better and I like it that way.

Yincut Zenith ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis tile was a bit hurried because we’ve had family drama this week and I agreed to go with Lauren to a thing at her church last night, so I rushed myself a bit to get the post up in time. I enjoyed my time with Lauren and am glad she asked me to come along. It’s good to have time alone together. :)

Thank you!!!

Since I had done the three audio meditation challenges prior to last week’s Guest Diva Challenge, I also did the Betweed challenge. Thus I had four links on Mr. Linky because each of the audios were done separately and had their own pages, as well as my Betweed tile.

I just want to thank everyone that took time to visit my pages and comment or like the posts. Your words were very encouraging! Thank you so much. I did try to visit your posts as well and leave comments in return . . . I’m sorry if I missed anyone.

Well, it’s getting late and I need to get this post wrapped up. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

5 thoughts on “Yincut Zenith

  1. Nice combination of two challenges! The contrast between the really simple, calm Yincut and the spiky, dynamic Zenith works really well in your tile! The Hollibaugh method for Zenith seems to work very nicely as well, because that’s what I did too!

  2. I really like the combination of Yincut with Zenith. They work really well together. Nicely done! It’s funny. You didn’t like a shine on Yincut, but you achieved a nice highlight anyway with shading. :)

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