Weather, Menus, and Goals

It is Finally Friday! I’m sooooo glad Tiffany and I went grocery shopping yesterday because that means we get to stay home today. I’m writing this post rather late and she told me, “At least it’s Friday. Rambling is one of your talents.” Gotta love that kid!

We’ve turned into quite the soup family of late. It is odd because I never really cared for soup before. It has been very cold here so soup has been the dinner of choice several times this week. We had a Chicken and Sausage Gumbo that was delicious!!! I will definitely be making that one again and I hope to remember to take pictures as I do so, so that I can share it here on one Tuesday soon. Last night we had homemade potato soup again. It is so good! The night before last we had homemade chicken soup, which is also becoming a favorite, with homemade bread. Yummo! We even started this freezing cold week with chili on Sunday. {Next time I make chili I hope to remember to take pictures so I can share it too.} That is a record four soups in one week! I think we’ve had some years where we didn’t have but that many all year. :D

Well, I did not manage to do anything with learning more about my camera this week. Thus it is a good thing that I planned to spend 2 weeks on each new aspect. It is also a good thing that there are not a huge amount of settings on my camera or it may take years to work through them all. ;D

I’m enjoying tangling in my tangle a day calendar. I do need to find a good time of day to do it but I’m off to a decent start. ;) I got a really neat board to hang up my zentangles. The frame sides are hinged and can be opened from the front. I really liked the backboard but am finding it a bit busy for displaying them though. I may end up just cutting a piece of black poster board and using plastitac on the tiles to affix them to it. I’m not sure yet. I also have a nice little message board with a pretty winter scene on top that I’m using to display my newest zentangle tile. I am really enjoying it and wondering what I will do when I take it down to put up my Valentine’s Day decorations.

When I make my menu out before I go grocery shopping, I like to consult a weather app to see what kind of weather to expect. In cold weather, I like to have something hot and comforting which as I mentioned, has been soup of late. I also like to check the sale papers to see what produce is on sale. This week cabbage was on sale. I used to only have two things I did with cabbage: 1. coleslaw, which is not a favorite or 2. Undone Cabbage Roll Skillet which is basically the stuffing that you’d put inside a cabbage roll and then the cabbage sliced up and included with the other ingredients. But since I’ve started making egg rolls, that opens up several more possibilities.

When I checked my weather app the other day, while making my menu, I noticed that one day late next week they are predicting 50º temps, which is amazing since the high the other day was 19º. Having 50º temps in the winter is not out of the ordinary but when you are currently experiencing temperatures in the teens, it seems very strange. ;)

Well, I have LOTS to do today, so I will run! Have a great day and weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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