Ways to Help Your Child Cope

I remember hearing Kirk Martin and his son Kacey speak at our local homeschool convention several years ago. He talked about keeping calm and asking for what you needed; he had seminars on both marriage and handling children. I signed up for his emails and have shared one or two of them with you here.

I followed a link in a recent email and listened to a short podcast. I didn’t completely agree with what he shared but there were some things I did agree with. Then I started clicking around on his sites and found this article and felt it was worth sharing. It shares about managing emotions and impulses.

I especially liked because it talks about looking for your child’s talents, strengths, and interests. It also shows the positive trait verses negative traits.

I remember when reading Caterpillar Summer, Chicken said one time that sometimes the urge to run was just so strong he couldn’t stop himself from doing it. It explained so well how some things happen with some people, so that I can relate a bit more.

Here’s an article about handling emotions that I thought might be helpful too.

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