Walks, Fall, Bujo, and Washi Tape

Over the past several weeks Tiffany and I have begun challenging ourselves to walk several times a week. One of the hindrances we have had was that our property is not yet cleared in a way that makes it conducive to walks yet. There are three directions we can go when we leave our property, two of them have aggressive dogs that bark and run towards us as we walk, which is a bit intimidating and has made us not want to walk. The final choice has not been an option because we live at the top of this very big hill.

Big Walk ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe view is simply beautiful to me. I just love it. But seriously folks, this hill is tough! We have gone sledding down this hill, which is so fun but then you have to walk back up the hill and that is absolutely horrendous. See?

Back up THE hill ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis is not angled, it is me looking straight on the hill as we paused to catch our breath as we climbed back towards home.

Once we get down the steep part of the road, it is quite lovely. Tiffany’s picture is so much better than mine. ;)

Walking in the country ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Walking in the country ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe part down there by those trees across the road is where it levels out a bit.

Walking in the country ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Country Living ~ Lifeofjoy.meBut as you can see, it still isn’t flat. But it is a nice walk. Shiloh likes to walk with us but she doesn’t really walk with us. She walks ahead of us, comes back and walks with us, and then walks back ahead of us again. So basically, she walks twice (or more) the distance that Tiffany and I walk.

It’s rained some this week, so that knocked us out of walking one day. Then we do not go on an extra walk on our errand day, so that knocks out another day. We have conference next week so there will be NO hill walking then. Maybe it will be nice again the following week. I love fall weather!

Sean brought in our fall decorations from the storage shed the other day. Tiffany put up my fall lights in the kitchen.

Orange lights ~ Lifeofjoy.meYes, there are some orange leaves wrapped around some of that strand of lights. It makes me so happy! :)

Then she put up this one too.

White fall lights ~ Lifeofjoy.me(Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. I took several shots and this is the best of them. :\ ) Again, it makes me happy.

Tiffany has informed me that I’m getting another day off today! Whoo hoo! This time I’m making better use of my time. I went about six weeks where I didn’t have time to pretty up my bullet journal, so I’m wanting to do some of that today. I did a little bit last Saturday.

Here’s my set up.

Bujo setup ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’ve got my stickers, pens (glitter, metallic, and neon), water, correction tape, and WASHI TAPE! I love washi tape. :) It made my birthday wonderful and is a high point on my Christmas wish list as well. :)

Washi tape ~ Lifeofjoy.meYeah, I don’t have enough solid colors and I need more 8mm rolls. :)

But glitter washi tape is gorgeous! You just cannot use only glitter ones though.

Glitter Washi tape ~ lifeofjoy.me

other washi tape ~ Lifeofjoy.meSuch fun!!! These make me sooo happy. And they make these boring pages in my bullet journal look so much better. Here is the before picture.

bujo before ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe left page is how I made my planning notes for the month of September. I leave lots of space to add lots of decoration. :) The right page isn’t my typical page, as I had a bit of journaling on it. (I’ll try to add the after shot here once I’ve finished it.)

I’m planning to get some reading done too. I haven’t read much lately and I’m looking forward to finishing up a book and maybe even starting a new one. ;) But I’ll just be content with reading some more chapters in the one I’m currently reading.

The last thing I’m planning to do is some lettering/typography. I also got some Tombow dual tip pens that I’m wanting to play with a bit more and wanting to use some of the lettering books I got for my birthday. I don’t take time throughout the days, normally to sit down and play with these, as I always seem to be behind in doing so many other things. So, I’m looking forward to playing with these a bit since Tiffany will be handling the things I usually need to handle. :) I’m so blessed!

Well this has gotten a bit wordy today, so I’ll run for now. I hope you have a blessed weekend and enjoy making memories with your family and friends.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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