Vacation Ends

I realized that I posted some pictures from our vacation out of order but it doesn’t matter. I’m going to share them with you today because Liam (my grandson) was there! :)

So after the horribly hot day at the zoo, we went back to the hotel, showered, and napped for a bit until it was time to leave for dinner.

Paul had been told by someone at his workplace in South Carolina about a restaurant in OKC that was highly recommended. Pretty interesting. So, although it was a little pricey, we made it happen. The restaurant is Cattleman’s and is in historic Stockyard City.

Cattleman's restaurant ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy oldest, Brian and long-time friend, Stephanie. And that, my friend, is the extra butter we requested for our veggies.

Cattleman's restaurant ~ Lifeofjoy.meI do have to admit that the croutons were really nice. They were slices of like a homemade toasted bread and you break them up into your salad. I broke off a small corner to taste. :) But I have to tell you the small filet was delicious!!!! It was a 6 ounce steak wrapped in bacon and was so tender! I wish I had taken a picture but alas, I was too busy living in the moment.

Michael got the catfish and enjoyed it. Tiffany got the ham steak which she really enjoyed as well. Sean got the chopped steak . . . that boy loves hamburgers  . . . but he liked it. We all got the steamed vegetables and side salad with the dressing on the side. It was delicious.

After dinner we went outside and chatted for a bit. There was music playing and Liam started dancing! It was soooo cute.

grandson dancing ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe had some teeth cutting, so he needed the pacifier to gnaw on. ;) I feel so bad for him when he’s being troubled by tooth pain. But we had fun dancing.

grandson dancing ~ Lifeofjoy.megrandson dancing ~ lifeofjoy.meUncle and nephew dancing ~ Lifeofjoy.meAfterwards we went back to the hotel but didn’t feel like swimming again in the salt water pool because then we’d need to shower again. Besides, the pool area was soooo warm, it was nearly a sauna. I have to say that this particular Hampton Inn that we stayed at wasn’t the best one but it was still nice. They’re pool area just needs to be updated. ;)

So we went back to the hotel and got comfy and visited for a while before going to bed.

In the hotel room ~ lifeofjoy.mehotel visit ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell, we had fun! Oh, we did have some dessert after getting back to the room because I made some THM desserts and brought them with me so that we would not feel deprived on vacation.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

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