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Love and Respect ~

So many times we take what others say or recommend without praying about it. It is so easy to forget to pray about everything in our lives. God desires an active relationship with us on a daily basis but I have a tendency to forget to seek Him in all things.

Many times I take advice and forget that although it is convincing and my sound good, it may not be right for me and my family. I’ve learned to deal with this when we home educated our children but what I didn’t realize is that not all Christian marriage books or advice is sound, no matter who recommends it.

You are probably wondering what has brought this post about. Well, this week Sheila Gregoire of To Love, Honor, and Vacuum shared a series of posts about the book, Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, which has long been used for marriage seminars and such in churches. I have seen the book and may even have a copy of it around here somewhere, but do not recall having ever read the book. However I have read a book of Sheila’s and followed an entire month series of posts several years ago, and recommend them to others.

One thing I have learned by reading her posts this week is that it is important to pray over everything, every decision, every situation, and even every action. There were many woman who read this week’s posts and shared how the same book had harmed them and their marriages, which I take as a warning to pray over everything.

Very succinctly, here is my take away from the book review:

Eggerichs wrote the book to and for women to tell them how to get the love they want by giving their man the respect and sex he needs. Yeah, that’s it. It appears that he doesn’t believe that women want or even need sex! Ugh!

Seriously, if you’ve read this book or have someone suggesting it or worse, your church is using it for a marriage seminar, do yourself a favor and go read the posts from last week. And since they are not short, I’ll close and give you time to go check them out.

Until next time, blessings,

Michele ºÜº

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