To Celebrate Valentine’s Day or Not to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I was scrolling through facebook recently and was surprised when I saw that some happily married couples don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. =)) It seriously made me stop and think about it for a bit.

We’ve never gone all out for Valentine’s Day. And there were probably some years where we did very little.

When I was young I remember cutting out ‘decorations’ for each ‘holiday’ or season and hanging them up around my bedroom. I’ve always liked seasonal decor (little inexpensive things).

As a homeschool mom I tried to make small occasions fun. So on Valentine’s Day I’d make some red food and some dessert. At some point I started writing them each a letter. I guess I was trying to set a good example. ;)

After giving the topic some consideration, I realize that I use Valentine’s Day as an extra time to tell my family I love them but especially my hubby. It’s not about some big ordeal; it’s simply about letting my man know that I love him. It is a time to spend a little more thought on showing him love that one day, just like on our anniversary, Father’s Day, his birthday, and Christmas.

So I wonder about those happily married couples that don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I guess it’s like people that choose not to celebrate Christmas. You’re welcome to your opinion but I’ve decided I want to pour a little extra love on my hubby on those days.

Last week I did clue him in to the fact that Valentine’s day is coming up shortly. He thanked me for the reminder. :) He knows that I like something little (like sugar-free chocolate/candies) and a nice purchased card. And I know he prefers a homemade card and something, be it a gift, or candy, or special dessert.

I wonder, do you and your hubby celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, do you go big with expensive gifts, roses, and fancy dinner out? Or do you celebrate it privately after the kids are in bed with simple things? Or somewhere in between?

I’m glad I saw the post on facebook. It’s nice for me to think about why I do what I do.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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