Time for a Reset

There are times that it just seems that Michael and I are at odds more than not. It is a bit frustrating when that happens but just takes a bit of care to get righted again. :)

  • For the next several days I’ll be intentional with my thoughts
  • and actions.
  • I’ll do something special for him
  • and give him attention.
  • I’ll be sure to speak his love language
  • and won’t forget getting close

When we are at odds, it is generally because we have let something slip. Maybe we weren’t as kind in our words or maybe there was a perceived slight.

I will not think on the negative. I will think on what I can do to show love, in words, deeds, and touch. :)

I hope this will help you to look at what you can do to smooth out a bumpy road between you and your love rather than dwell on the negative, which will only make matters worse. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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