THM “Sugar” Cookies

We haven’t painted Christmas cookies in a few years because times are just too busy during December. Yesterday Tiffany decided to make some fall cookies. I have some leaf, acorn, and pumpkin cookie cutters.

She used the Trim Cookies recipe from THM. She made a double batch of cookie dough because it only makes about a dozen cookies but she made a single batch of frosting. We’ve made this before and found that the frosting makes way too much for a single batch of cookies. She separated it into four bowls and colored them red, orange, brownish green, and a reddish brown.

Brian, Lauren, and Liam were not here, so most things were just what they were; there were no zombies or decapitated anythings. :D Michael did try to fill the gap and made a reindeer/Rudolph out of an acorn, I think. :D

I iced my acorn with orange and then mixed in some of the greenish brown to make a more acorn color.

That purplish color is the reddish brown color in person. On the screen the acorn kind of looks like it is covered in peanut butter. :D

Unfortunately, I’m not the best photographer and I only got two pictures of Tiffany frosting cookies. :( She took all the other pics.

It’s funny because I came to this side of her so I could see the cookie and instead got a great shot of the glasses! :D Oh well, we had fun.

Sean came over soon after we’d started and asked to join us. :) He hadn’t eaten dinner yet. It looked like he was about to make the cookies his dinner when we informed him that it was two batches and needed to last a few days. :D We had a lot of laughs!

No clue what he was doing with his decorating. I think he was just plopping icing on it. :D

At the end, Michael was just gluing the crumbs on his last cookie with all the remaining frosting. :D

I said it looked like a pile of leaves. :D

Well, I hope you will take some time and have some family fun.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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