This Week’s Tangling

Since most people don’t go back to any comments they made, I want to thank those four sweet commenters last week – you really made my day!

I have added a “like button” at the end of each post for those that like it but can’t or would rather not make a comment but still would like to let me know you liked it. It is rather small but someone found it last week — thanks so much!

iamthedivacztThis week the challenge is to use color in our tile. I do have some colored pens that I might give a go later but I first turned to my scratch off tiles. I don’t use them very often and always have to stop and figure out which one is which.

Also this week Rick and Maria published the step-out for Umble. Since I’ve not had the privilege of attending training to become a certified zentangle instructor, nor have a seen any in the area, I have not seen this tangle before. It looks fun and rather easy, so I chose to do a monotangle using Umble today.

DC 222 ~

As is generally the case once I post the picture of my tile, I can really see its imperfections. Besides the fact that this tangle is new to me, I had to kind of think in reverse. When I wasn’t really careful the lines connected and the depth was lost.

In one place I was wiping away the black residue and accidentally scratched it with my finger nail….oops! Then I decided it needed a border around it, and in some places it is a bit jagged. Oh well! It is what it is and meet the requirements for the challenge. :)

As I write this, I’m preparing for my grown kids to come over for dinner, so I’ll keep it short.

As always, if I manage to get any more tangling done in the next few days, I’ll add it here.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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