Thinking About Valentine’s Day Plans

V-day PlanningI’m starting to think about Valentine’s Day and how I want to make it special for Mike and I. It is on a Sunday this year, which makes it a bit of a complication but not an insurmountable one. ;)

I have always liked to make Valentine’s Day stand out for my kids too, letting them know it is about making the ones you love feel special and not just about romance. Thus I cannot remember the last time Valentine’s Day has been just about Mike and I.

On top of all of that, Brian’s love-of-his-life was born that day as well. So Lauren adds extra celebration to our Valentine’s Day week. :) It is a bit complicated for them, ensuring that they make her birthday special but also celebrate their love.

A few years ago Tiffany informed me that I had given her a letter each year on this special day, something I had forgotten that year. So I try to remember to continue this tradition as she remarked that it was something she treasures.

I generally cook spaghetti or lasagna for dinner; I know, not very creative but it’s a meal we all enjoy and it’s red. I have a heart shaped muffin tin and have made blueberry muffins in them for breakfast too.

This brings us back to this year. Since it is on a Sunday, I don’t know what I will do. Will we eat out after church? Will we come home for a light lunch (veggie platter or such) and then have our traditional dinner later? Whatever I do, it is important to me to do something extra special for Mike.

Last year or the year before, I saw this cute idea on Pinterest of balloons above the bed with things you love about him written on notes and attached to the bottom of the ribbon. I may follow through on this idea this year. But I recently saw this article on The Dating Divas that has one hundred . . . yes! 100 . . . ideas for a romantic date night. I could get lost sifting through them. The bottom line is to make sure that I show Mike that I love and respect him and make the day a bit special. :) But also to remind my kids that I love them too. It won’t be much longer before we have an empty nest and they day will be all about Mike and me but until then, I’ll continue to make it special for all, with Mike getting extra attention behind closed doors. ;)

I hope you are considering your plans for Valentine’s Day . . . it’s coming quickly.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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