The Bible and the Brain

Bible ~ Lifeofjoy.meI read this article a couple of years ago online about reasons why a study of The Bible is academically valuable. There are many biblical references, in some form, in much of American literature and many in the works of Shakespeare. So, knowing the Bible helps to understand other literature because of the biblical references, allusions, or symbols. These references are so important that when surveyed several years ago the English professors from top-rated colleges said that an educated person needs to know the Bible regardless of their religious beliefs.

Last year I heard a sermon about how the brain works, making ‘bridges’ (called dendrites) to and from one piece of information to another. These are important because one of the purposes is remembering. He said that he had found information that actually said that the best way to form these dendrites was in reading the King James version of the Bible. I found this very interesting!

PS119:11So I did a little research today and found that exercise is also important for the brain, as it gets more oxygen from exercise. Mental sharpness comes from oxygen in the brain aiding in better memory. The more information is accessed the better and easier the recall. There is so much information on this webpage that you really need to read it for yourself.

In the first paragraphs of this webpage, it talks about how memorizing the scriptures and recalling the scriptures build dendrites that actually help to remember the scriptures.

If you want the short version of all of this, it is academically helpful for your children to know the Bible. The Bible is reported to be one of the best ways to build dendrites which are used in memory recall. Exercise is necessary as the extra oxygen helps the brain work better. Memorizing scripture and consequently quoting scripture, among other things, reinforces the dendrites that are built and makes the recall easier the more it is done.

So I guess the bottom line, if you don’t want to read the linked pages, is that some exercise and scripture memorization are very healthy activities to engage in daily.

Until next time, God bless,

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