Thanksgiving and Cinnamon Bear ~

Thanksgiving Food 2019

So this year I am taking the Cinnamon Butter Bundt Cake to my sister’s for breakfast. They’ll probably have donuts and such. ;) Before THM I sometimes made Bubble Bread on Thanksgiving morning but this is definitely not THM. ;)

Breakfast Burrito ~ Lifeofjoy.meI am considering a sausage breakfast dish too because I don’t do sweets only, very well. I like savory much better with a dash of sweet. :) Something like this Sausage Veggie Breakfast Burrito or this Sausage Rice Dish but with caulirice instead. ;)

For dinner Mom and Dad will provide the ham, turkey, and side dishes. In times past, I’ve brought a variety of THM foods but this time I think I’m just going to bring some spelt rolls and enjoy the food available with a healthy dose of pleasure or vitamin P, as Pearl and Serene call it. I’ll probably ask if we can bake a few sweet potatoes plain because that is how Sean and Tiffany prefer them.

Sukrin Gold Pecan Pie ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s dessert where I usually bring the most. I used to bring a couple pies and a couple cakes and ask for some pudding. ;) But now I have learned the joys of pecan pie and love it. I make the one Kristie Sullivan created; it’s on youtube here.

I’ll make a standard sugar laden apple crumble pie for the other family members. I haven’t decided if I will make these  pumpkin bars for Thanksgiving or the day after, when I make our turkey dinner here, because I love leftovers and turkeys are cheap meat this time of year. :D

I have yet to decide if I’m going to make a pudding. I usually prefer a light dessert on Thanksgiving because I used to eat so much mashed potatoes and ham noodles. But between the pie and the cake I think there will be enough dessert. Of course, there’ll be some ham and turkey leftover to snack on too.

Well, I’m looking forward to a fun day with family. I hope you will be able to spend the day with people you love too.

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving,

Michele ºÜº

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