Taxes, A Graduate, and Shopping with a Friend

taxes done ~ LifeofJoy.mePraise God! Another week has come and is nearly gone.  The stress of filing taxes is finished for another year. Thankfully Mike took over that job quite a few years ago now. I’m still involved to some degree, helping him gather information but he handles it. Sean helped him again this year, for which I am oh so grateful!


graduate ~ LifeofJoy.meTiffany graduates today! This is my last official day as a homeschool mom. Wow that feels weird! I used to wonder why most people got out of the homeschool arena when their kids all graduated but I think I may understand now. I do know several people that have remained involved with the homeschooling community after their children are graduated and I admire them. They are a great support and encouragement to them.

I’ll never get far from this great community because my kids plan to homeschool their children. My blog is an online variation of the newsletters I put together for our local homeschool support group, HERO, for years. Next week I will even be attending the Tulsa OCHEC Convention with my sister, daughter, and daughter-in-love. Although it is in a new location, I’m sure we will have a great time, even though we won’t be able to eat our traditional Sears Tower at Savastano’s, because of the location change. ;) This particular pizza is a deep dish pizza – about 2 inches deep! It has about a pound of cheeses. The one we get, Sears Tower, has pepperoni on it too. Seriously, it is sooo thick they state right on the menu that they take 45 minutes to bake and remind you of that when you place your order. But it is soooo worth the wait. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll find something delicious to eat near the new location.

Gwin ~ LifeofJoy.meTuesday I had a fun time with my friend Gwin. She is doing the decorations for the Fun Night we are having at our church in just two weeks. She is amazing. She has such great ideas. Frequently I forget about all the different jobs she has done in her lifetime so far. She could add party decorating to her long list now. :D

Tuesday we went out looking for the centerpieces for the tables. We went in eight stores and revisited one bringing the total up to nine. After the first four, we were really ready for lunch. We went to our favorite place, Cheddar’s. I was all set to be really good and get their yummy chicken pecan salad but decided on the philly cheesesteak. It took a while to get our order but it was scrumptious when it did arrive. I don’t like any crunch in my peppers and onions on my sandwich and they did an awesome job meeting my request. It was VERY TASTY!

Before I left the house, around 9:45, I told Tiffany that I thought I’d be home no later than 3:00. hahahahaha Joke is on me! I was home by 4:15ish. We weren’t done but it was a good start and now she knows what she is looking for. At least I wasn’t warn out and didn’t have anywhere to go that evening, so I could sit back with my feet up and recouperate.

Well, the weekend is here. I hope you have a good one.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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