Tangles from my Calendar


Zentangle14012830~LifeOfJoy.meThese tangles are ones that I did in my One Tangle-A-Day Calendar. I used tangles from the Tangle Library app.


This one is a testament of the principal that there are no mistakes with Zentangle. This was my first attempt at Jute and I didn’t exactly do it right but it was ok.  Jute is in the background and Mumsy is in the foreground. I like Mumsy.

Zentangle140129The one from the Tangle Library is Fidget; it’s the big one in the forefront. Fescue is the small one on the bottom and kind of looks like baby fidget. ;) Msst is the one at the top.

Zentangle140130~LifeOfJoy.meIn this one I used Annee. I really like this one. I need to practice it some more. I also used Stiritup. I’m not sure what the ruffle-ish lines might be called. I used either striping or pepper or whatever you want to call it on part of Annee.

I like them. I hope you do too.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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