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Salad with fp 1000 ~ Lifeofjoy.me

THM FP Thousand Island Trimmy Dressing Tips

I love a sweet dressing on my salads. My preferred dressings are Catalina, Russian, which is nearly unheard of now, and Thousand Island, although I do like a creamy Vidalia Onion too. Consequently, I was thrilled when I found a recipe for a fuel pull Thousand Island dressing in Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Healthy Table cookbook.

The first time I made it, it turned out a bit more solid than a dressing should be, so the next time I made it I reduced the amount of gelatin. It worked better but still seemed rather involved. I stopped having so many salads and thus stopped making the dressing.

Last month I started eating salads in earnest–generally two a day–and needed a low calorie dressing to use on them. (I know that with THM we aren’t generally concerned with calories but I’ve got some seriously stubborn weight that needs to go, so I’m trying to be as conscientious as I can without actually counting anything. ;) ) Thus I decided it was time to make this dressing again.

When I made it a month or so ago, Michael tried it and loved it. So now I have to make a double batch every week! :D So I’ve got it down rather simply and thought I’d share what I’ve learned to make the process go a bit more smoothly and get more consistent results.

Tip 1

Measure out all the dry ingredients into a small bowl first.

Tip 2

Next measure out the vinegar and mct oil in another small bowl. I do the dry first so that the sweetener doesn’t stick to the measuring cups/spoons.

Prep most the ingredients ~ Lifeofjoy.meTip 3

Concerning the tomato paste, when I make a double recipe I do not feel like measuring out 6 tablespoons of the stuff, so I found from the can that 2 tablespoons weigh 33g. I like to weigh ingredients because that way I’m certain I’m not being too miserly or too generous. So weighing out 99g of tomato paste for the double batch is easy. :)

weighed out tomato paste ~ Lifeofjoy.me

I then put whatever is left of the can of tomato paste into a freezer baggie and flatten it out before freezing. That way it is easier to weigh for the next batch; just break off however much I need.

ready to freeze tomato paste ~ Lifeofjoy.meTip 4

Slice off a wedge of onion. I don’t really like bits of onion and pickles in my dressing, so I just put the whole wedge in the blender and let it pulverize it. :)

Onion wedge ~ Lifeofjoy.meTip 5

Oh! I get my water to a boil as I’m measuring out other ingredients and turn it off. Well, to be honest, I use my instant tea kettle, so it turns itself off after it boils. But as I’m getting the gelatin ready, I turn the kettle back on to get the water hot again. I also make sure to use a 2-cup measuring cup since I’m making a double batch. :)

softening gelatin ~ Lifeofjoy.meTip 6

Be quick to add all the ingredients after the initial blend of the gelatin. I don’t know if it makes much difference but I think it is one thing that contributes to how firm and separated the dressing gets. Sometimes I put the onion wedge in with everything else and sometimes I add it afterwards. I’m not sure if it makes a difference.

initial gelatin blend ~ Lifeofjoy.meBlending fp 1000 island ~ Lifeofjoy.meTip 7

Use a grated Parmesan jar lid for the quart mason jar. I stored the single batch in the empty grated Parmesan jar.

THM FP Thousand Island Dressing ~ Lifeofjoy.meTip 8

Stir with a clean spoon before serving to break it down if it is a bit too gelled for your liking. :)

That’s it! These tips have made my weekly dressing making much less frustrating. I hope it helps you. It would work with any of the trimmy dressings in THT. This actually makes all recipes easier; you just have to read through the recipe first to see if there are anythings that need to be combined in certain orders or anything.

Well, I’ll run for today,

Michele ºÜº