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Nurturing Your Marriage Relationship

I talked about relationships on Friday and I just thought I’d carry that over to today’s post because your marriage is one of the most crucial relationships you can have. Along those same lines, it is important to communicate with your hubby. Now, I’m not talking about telling him things that you need done. I’m talking about really talking to him about what he is dealing with at work and with his friends. What is on his mind? What has he been learning?

Okay, let’s get basic. What did you talk about when you were dating? For some of us, that seems forever ago and we may not remember, so don’t wait so long to relate with your hubby that you forget how to relate to one another.

It is easy to slip into the mundane things of every day life and things that need to get done but it is important to continue to know each other. This means that you have to take some time in your day to communicate with each other. And for that, you have to be considerate of his time and what he is doing. If you are ready to go to bed before he seems to have the time for this communication, ask him when a good time would be. Explain that you don’t want to lose the closeness that you shared before you got married or when you first got married. Be inquisitive about him and what he is interested in. Who knows, you might find more things that you share in common. :)

I hope this encourages you to keep the lines of communication open and nurture your marriage relationship.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Family and Relationships

I don’t think I do very much until I start to write it all down or tell someone about how my week went. Then I think about all that I do and can start to get a little overwhelmed; so I don’t think about it again and again begin to feel that I don’t do much, but I digress.

Last Saturday Tiffany and I helped my parents with their final attempt at a moving sale; living so far out in the country, it was only God that got us any shoppers at all, we think. ;) (And of course, I didn’t get any pictures! Ugh.) At any rate, we did get a few and sold a few more items. Once again, Dad was the winner in items sold, even though Mom had soooo many more items than he did. :D

Around noon, we started boxing up the remaining items to donate to the lady whose son needs a transplant of some kind and needs to raise funds. Tiffany and I had left before she’d arrived to pick up the stuff, but Mom said she was very happy to receive so many items that could actually be sold. I’m guessing she gets a lot of junk, since she is getting yard sale remains. She got some nice things: a sofa, queen size bed frame, queen bed springs, mirrors, pictures, kitchenware, knick knacks, plush padded hangers, CBs, antennae, purses, shoes, refrigerator/freezer, luggage, a desk, keyboards, and LOTS AND LOTS of clothes in larger sizes for both men and women. I’m sure it will be a help to them; it was a help to my parents to not have to deal with the stuff any longer.

It looks like they may have sold the house already, in the first few days of being on the market. AND to the first people that looked at it. :) I know it will be a big relief for them to be able to go on vacation and not have that looming over their heads. :) AND only have one yard to maintain again.

I don’t know about you, but family is important to me. That’s why I talk about mine a lot. They are a big part of my life. I’m so glad I have my family living nearby. I’m also glad for my relationship with my children. I hope and pray that we will remain close once they are all married and starting families of their own.

We don’t get together with all of my family the way we once did but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t in my heart or on my mind. I get so busy with things I’m doing (even if it is just relaxing) that I don’t communicate with them on a daily basis. For so much of my married life, we would spend every Sunday together and sometimes even an extra day in the week too. I guess that programmed me the way I am. I don’t communicate on a daily basis so that I actually have something to talk about on the weekly basis. :D However, when it goes much longer than that, the little things are easily overlooked.

I remember when I lived in a trailer park and lived next door to a very good friend. We talked nearly every day and had something to share nearly every day. But when we moved, we got to the point where we communicated less and less, to where we only shared the biggest things. And then sadly, it dwindled to where even those were left unshared.

I guess what it boils down to is relationships, no matter what kind of relationship it is, takes work. Some times it feels binding but it is just what is holding you together on that level. If you don’t make the effort, the relationship deteriorates.

For me, I’m glad my parents have moved so much closer! I’m excited, now that the other house is nearly out of their lives and occupying so much time, to drop by their place for an hour or so whenever I feel like it. I’m also looking forward to them dropping by mine. :)

I encourage you to examine the relationships in your life and put in the effort to make them what you want them to be. Cherish your family and friends!

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº