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Zen-Untangled Week 14 Tile: Stricles, Squill, Printemps

I got lucky this week and only had to draw the step-outs this week, which were Squill and Patena, the latter of which I’d never even heard of before. The other tangles were all familiar to me already: ING, Munchin, OOF (out of focus), Patena, Printemps, Squill and Strircles. I’ve got to say Stricles is my favorite, by far. Actually, most of them are tangles I don’t like very much, although I do like Squill somewhat, now that I’ve learned it.

Here is the string suggested for the week. It was suggested to use at least three of this week’s tangles on this week’s tile. (Yay! I remembered to take a picture before I did any tangling. :) )

I’ve been looking forward to using Stricles, so I’ve included it. :) The X section just lended perfectly to Squill. Then I was stumped as to how to add a third tangle to the tile since all the sections would be full. Then I realized that I’d put a border, so I could use some of that space. But what to put there? Hello filler–Printemps. :)

Here is the scan and then picture taken in natural light (it was a nice sunny day here, finally).

Here it is after I did some shading (scan first and then natural light). I also thickened the lines for the first cross lines of Squill and I think it looks better.

I like how it turned out. Squill looks kind of puffy and a few of the printemps look a bit raised. :)

Well, that’s my artistic endeavor for this week. I hope you are making time for art. It isn’t something that comes readily to me; I have to make time for it. At the very least, I hope you are taking time to do some things that help to de-stress you and bring you joy. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Inktober, Chop, Printemps

I am participating with Inktober again this year. I’m excited about it. It was good for me last year and I’m eager to see what I accomplish this year. I think I’m going to be asking for some inks for Christmas this year. I found a nice set of 12 with shimmer. :) I’m also considering a calligraphy set with about 8 nibs and 4 regular inks in the main colors.

The prompt for Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Classic was to use our signature chop as the string. So that’s what I did but apparently I forgot to get a picture. :)

I’ve got several Inktober prompts I’m referencing this month. The one I picked today was the one that I’d used last year as well from Everything is Art. The suggested tangle is Printemps, which also happened to be on the list of tangles to choose from on Today’s Tangles. The official Inktober prompt today is ring, so Printemps goes with that nicely. Here is the scan of the pre-shaded tile.

Here is the picture of the pre-shaded tile.

I’ve never been very good at Printemps. By the way, I heard Rick pronounce this tangle and was completely surprised–what is it? French? I definitely give it the southern US pronunciation :D. Any way, I know Maria puts a sparkle on hers when she draws it but I tried that with the first one and it looked really bad. I think I like the large ones best.

As far as shading goes, I struggled with that as well. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to blacken in behind the printemps or shade with graphite or what. I’ve liked the look when others do a graphite printemps in the background but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to pull that off.

So here is how my tile turned out once shaded . . . scan first and then the picture (which was taken indoors because I didn’t get this done until after dark but with as much light as I’ve been getting anyway, it seems comparable ;) ).

I really love that angle; it adds to the three-dimensional look to it. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Are you participating in Inktober? Pattern-collections.com has some Inktober tangle prompts, as does the Tangle All Around facebook group (I don’t think I can link it but you can search for it on facebook). I’ll be sharing my tiles on Instagram as we go, if your interested. :)

Until next time,