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Preschool Supplies


It’s always fun to have some “school” supplies and to do crafts. The dollar store is a good source for these items but don’t forget places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby where you can use their weekly 40% or so off coupon on an item.

Here are a few links to some webpages of ladies that share what they’ve gotten to use with their preschoolers from the dollar store. Oh, and remember that stores get new inventory weekly, so check back often for different supplies.

(Sorry about the formatting of this post. I was exhausted and I needed to get it up, so I took a few shortcuts and it isn’t the best but the links are good. :) )

Dollar Tree Homeschool Deals

Homeschool Supplies at the Dollar Tree & Goodwill

Play dough mats:


How to use mats:


Dollar Store Deals for Preschool Days {and toddlers, too!}

Homeschooling Bargains at the Dollar Store

Dollar Store Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

I hope these links help you.

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