Struggling to Clean/Declutter

Struggling to Clean/Declutter ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnother week has come and gone, which is hard to believe. I’m still struggling with getting things done. It’s more like I’m struggling with the day to day purpose. It was easy when the children were young since raising them was my main goal. (They shouldn’t have been the main goal, Mike should have been over them – I just didn’t know better.)

Of course, I have rectified that and Mike is my main focus but he doesn’t take nearly as much of my attention as raising and educating three children did. The other part of this is that I do not like to clean. Cleaning is a chore that is never finished. I’m serious here! No matter what I clean or organize, it doesn’t stay clean and/or organized. It is a very frustration thing to me. It is bad enough when I am the one undoing my hard work but when others contribute to the undoing, it is seems like an exercise in futility.

I mention cleaning because that is the biggest thing that I have to do with my days now and it is never a good thing when one does not enjoy the thing they must do the most. So, I procrastinate. Don’t get me wrong, I keep the main part of our home picked up and clean but some areas have become very cluttered.

We live in a smallish house and have done so for the last eighteen years. During those eighteen years, we have stuffed a few too many things into every nook and cranny of our bedroom. Thus I have already begun this frustrating but rewarding task of decluttering this room. It will be hard to get rid of some of the things I have stashed away but things are replaceable and I understand it should be more relaxing with less things in the room. :)

I have never really understood ‘spring cleaning’ until recently. When I was young, my parents moved every few years, so I don’t think our homes needed it much. Add to that the fact that I went to school and never saw my mom spring clean, then it kind of makes sense. And I definitely have some areas that needs some extra attention . . . deep cleaning . . . spring cleaning. :)

Struggling to Clean / Declutter ~ Lifeofjoy.meOne of the things I have to declutter is magazines. I only pay a couple of dollars for a couple of them and the rest are freebies. I have realized something though: I don’t read magazines! When I do and I find something interesting, what should I do with it? Keep a whole magazine because of the ideas on one page? Tear out the page(s) I like and . . . do what with it? At one point I created a file for them. But guess what . . . I never went back and looked at them.

The thing that is tripping me up now is that I believe the idea or recipe or whatever it might be, is probably available online somewhere and that I should find that tidbit of information and pin it on one of my many pinterest boards. So that slows down the whole, declutter the magazines chore. I’m ridiculous! :\

Well, I am going to run for now and hope that next week I have my head on better and get much more decluttering and ‘spring’ cleaning done. (Notice I didn’t even mention the weeding and other outside chores I need to accomplish?)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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