Stripes and Snail

iamthedivacztThanks for stopping by this week. Today’s tile is in response to the Diva Challenge and the Square One: Purely Zentangle Focus.

FB□1 ~ LifeofJoy.meThe Diva Challenge is simply to use stripes for the string. So it made it easy to add the Square One Focus tangle: Snail.

I drew my stripes at a slight angle horizontally. I decided to draw snail on every other stripe. That left me with some decisions for the alternating stripes. Ultimately I decided to go with the simple and comfortable tangle, shattuck using straight lines rather than curved ones to contrast with the circles of snail.

Here is the tile without any shading.

Stripes and Snail ~

On last week’s tile, Eni Oken suggested that I pick a location for the light to come from and shade accordingly. So I decided to give it a try but I don’t believe I’m very happy with the results right now. I put the light source in the lower left side of the tile.

I then attempted to shade only the right side of snail. It looked odd, so I added a tiny bit of pencil to the left side without blending it in, just to thicken the line a bit, giving the illusion of a bit of a ridge.

Then I decided that the ‘bars’ on each stripe should be shaded a bit on the top of it and just a bit of darkening with no blending on the bottom of it.

Here is my finished tile.

Stripes and Snail ~ Lifeofjoy.meNot sure what else I should’ve done with this one but I’m learning. :)

Thank you for stopping by and a big thank you to any that take the time to leave a comment; it is greatly appreciated!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

6 thoughts on “Stripes and Snail

  1. I think maybe you are being a bit hard on yourself here. The shading looks good to me and you shouldn’t let yourself be constrained by the “rules”. Yes, a light source to indicate in general but then, if you think it needs shade elsewhere, then it does. You’re the boss. Anyway, I like it as is.

  2. Love your shading. Without the tile looks quite flat, and the shading makes the snails pop, and the shattuck recede, so the tile gets some rhythm. As Maggibee said: you are the boss of your tile, and I think you did a good job.

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