I went to have an overall health check about 6 weeks ago. My cortisol levels were high, as well as insulins, and my adrenals were ramped up; this is my paraphrase of what I was told. Bottom line, my body is stressed. Thankfully, I don’t feel stressed, which I attribute to God and prayer.

I now have some supplements to help my body deal with the stress. I have also had an attitude shift or mental adjustment towards exercise. Exercise is no longer a suggestion for me; it’s a prescription–something I must do for my health. So I really try to get a decent walk in each day. I prefer it to be at least a mile but some days it is a bit shorter. The point is to get some fresh air, breathe deeply, and some stress-relieving exercise.

I’ve realized that when I have a moment when I am aware that I’m feeling a bit stressed, I must be uber stressed and need to take some deep breaths or go on my walk for the day. I’m also very thankful for prayer and worship, which can also help to relieve stress. (As well as supplements like L-Theanine. ;) )

So during this busy season, if you are feeling stressed be sure to

  • pray
  • worship
  • breathe deep
  • exercise
  • Oh and make time to snuggle with your hubby

It’s important for your health. Not only do you want to be around for another year but your family and friends want you around for another year. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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