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Maturing ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis past week I had two situations with which I could judge myself and my current character development. You do know that you don’t stop growing and changing just because you are no longer a child, right? Any way, Michael had some situation happen and he was agitated. In the past, I have quickly become agitated in response. This day, however, I managed to not let his state affect me. I remained calm and helped ease the situation without judging him or adding to his frustration.

I was all proud of myself and really thinking I’d done some good maturing of late. Then yesterday happened. Yep. I am sorry to admit that I did not remain calm when he was agitated; I spit back. :( Then, as if that wasn’t telling enough, not more than an hour later, I blew up again. It doesn’t matter what the reason was, it was not a mature thing to do. I yelled. :( I acted very poorly. And then I repented and asked forgiveness.

Now comparing these two situations that happened just a few days apart, the first was handled so well and the second I was out of control. I felt so good in the first situation, but in the latter I just was mad and offended and out of control. It doesn’t matter who did what in any of these situations, what matters is what I did and I have discovered that I still have some growing to do.

It takes a lot to respond in calm kindness in a hard situations but so worth the effort. I’m going to continue grow and be all I can be.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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