Snow, Deals, and Busy Days

We had a LOT of rain last weekend. There was a “Celebration of Life” service at church last Saturday and it rained so much that we were flooded in. Then it got a bit cooler and we actually awoke Wednesday morning to some snow on the ground. Now I really enjoy watching the snow come down but it was really nice to see a bit on the ground when I got up that morning. :)


(I’m having a bit of internet/site trouble with pictures, so hopefully I’ll be able to get them added shortly.)

Michael made a very small snowman with the snow on his van and sent me a picture of it. He called it an Oklahoma Snowman. (I really hope I can share the picture soon.)

Sean had federal jury duty this week and had the foresight to ask what the procedure would be if we got snow. They ended up calling the jurors and notifying them that they’d start an hour later.

We had about an inch to an inch and a half of snow on the ground and cars but the cement blocks were clear, so we were pretty sure the roads would be as well. As is usual around here, it didn’t stay around long. By Thursday it was completely gone an din its place was some very wet ground.

Tiffany and I got some good deals on errand day. I got chicken breast for $1.06 a pound. I got about 20 pounds of it. Then I got a package of two pork butts at $1.15 a pound which is great because the best I’ve gotten it before was for $1.49 a pound. It ended up being about 16 or 17 pounds total weight. I also got some sausage for about a dollar a pound. I’ll have to check the ingredients out a bit better, I hope it’s good. I got these and a Red Baron frozen pizza for $2.70 at Cash Saver. It’s a bit further north than I prefer to go but we needed to go to Gardners (used book store) and trade in some books. Gardners is just a little over two miles from Cash Saver, so it worked out good.

We also popped in Ross to see if there were any clearance sales, as was stated by a youtuber but unfortunately we found nothing, last week or this week. There is a new store next door to Ross called WinCo. It is a Sam’s Club/Costco type store but without the membership fee. There were a couple dozen cars in the parking lot and the door was open, so we peeked inside. They were still putting up shelves and things but there was an employee there that gave me the information. Oh, they’ll be opening early February. I’ll be interested to check it out when it opens.

I haven’t spent any time with my family outside of my home since the first of the year, which is not like me at all. But I’ll visit with Tracie for a bit today and have her girls spend the night–I know they’re looking forward to “cousin time” with Sean and Tiffany.

Well, I hope you have a great weekend; I intend to.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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