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Snack Crackers with Cheese and Peppers

A light snack to keep the munchies at bay. Sweet veggies on a crunchy cracker with a creamy cheese wedge.

On Trim Healthy Mama you eat every three hours or so to keep your blood sugar level. Of course this means that you should not over indulge at any one eating. ;) I love food, so it is often difficult for me to eat slowly enough and drink something with my meal so that I realize that I am satisfied and no longer need to eat.

I start my day with a cup of oolong tea with collagen and sunflower lecithan in it. The collagen is super good for me and gives my body some protein to start revving my metabolism. Michael fixes this for me first thing every morning. :) He’s good like that.

About an hour and a half later Tiffany and I have breakfast. Then about three hours after we finish eating breakfast we have lunch. Another three hours and it is time to eat again. :) I love this way of eating! It is at this snack time where I am the most challenged. My body does not need another full meal. Some days I eat a nice rich dessert at this time because it gives my body longer to burn it off while I am away and moving. Many times I will save my piece of dessert from the night before and eat it for this snack. But I cannot do that all the time or I will never be out of the “losing weight” portion of this lifestyle. So some days I have a lighter snack.

Today I’m sharing one of those lighter snacks with you. It is very flexible but this is the way Tiffany and I prefer it.

Two Wasa light rye crackers. It is important that you have the kind with rye because it is better on your blood sugar than others. (If anything says wheat without the word sprouted, don’t buy it; it is not the right one.)

Wasa Snack ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Smear half of a LIGHT laughing cow cheese wedge on it. Here again, don’t get the original swiss because it is not the right one. The light swiss is good. However the pepperjack or asiago are okay as well. You are looking for the ones that have 35 calories. I do like this brand better than the Aldi brand because it is more pure and it seems like the wedges are larger too.

Wasa Snack Cracker ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Next add some sliced veggies. We like peppers with ours. Although I do like cucumbers sometimes.

Cutting Red Bell Pepper ~ Lifeofjoy.meWasa Bell Pepper and Laughing Cow Snack ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Sometimes we add just a single thin slice of turkey lunchmeat to up the protein a bit. It’s nice and lean and low calorie, which is helpful when you struggle losing weight. ;)

Wasa Snack with Turkey ~ Lifeofjoy.me

That’s it. A nice little snack to keep the munchies at bay until dinner, in three hours. It is a very light snack so it helps my body release weight more readily.

I hope this idea helps you in your weight loss endeavors.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

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