Sex is not a Bargaining Chip

Don't withhold ~ Lifeofjoy.meOver the years, I have heard of women that bribe their husband with sex. They try to get their husband to do certain things (or not do certain things) with the promise of sex later. I’ve also heard the reverse where they say something like, if you do that, no sex for you.

This is just wrong! The Bible tells us not to withhold ourselves from our spouse. Now there is one reason to do so and that is if you have agreed to abstain for a time, as you devote yourself to prayer. (I Cor 7:5) That’s it. No other reason.

As a married person, your body is not your own. It belongs to your spouse. Now don’t go getting all weird on me. (I am not talking about abusive or other such dysfunctional relationships.) You should take good care of yourself and care for your spouse too, in all aspects of his life.

Bottom line: Sex should not be used as a reward nor the withholding of it as a punishment.

I’ll keep it succinct today.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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