Several Tiles to Share

Several Tiles to Share ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis week Ina of started a project whereby participants can increase the tangles that they go to readily when tangling. The commitment from participants is to use the shared tangle each day in a tile using one of the seven provided strings, accompanied by any of your go-to tangles, which you share on the facebook group.

Well, I tangle approximately once per week, in preparation for this blog post; so participating in this project took some thought-would I be able to follow through with my commitment to tangle daily. Well, I felt like it was something I was supposed to do and thus, committed.

The first assignment was to give her a list of go-to tangles. This presents a problem for me because since I generally create tiles with challenges or focus tangles involved, I don’t really have any go-to tangles. I guess crescent moon, tipple, and shattuck would be the three that I realistically call go-to tangles but when I remember them I enjoy paradox, meer, knightsbridge, cadent, ‘nzepple, macdee, hollibaugh, cubine, henna drum, and I guess pokeroot/leaf. Then three that I like but feel they need just the right circumstances to include are nipa, stricles, and gneiss. Bless Ina’s heart, she included all of them and not just the first three.

To be fair with myself, I have been tangling since 2009! Yep, that’s a long time. Most of those tangles are ones that I binge-grabbed from Zentangle newsletters when I first found Zentangle. I love the way paradox is formed, although it was tricky for me at first. It wasn’t until I saw Rick drawing it in a video that I realized you draw the line from the wide end to the narrow end; that was the key for me. I love cadent, cubine, meer, and hollibaugh. ‘Nzepple taunted me. I loved what I saw but was baffled as to how to make mine look like that. Eventually I saw alternative ways to draw it and realized there was no “right” way and it stuck on me. :) I love the simplicity of knightsbridge, crescent moon, and tipple. All those circles in tipple hurt my hand at first but it has become a favorite of mine and I have learned to loosen my grip. Gneiss and stricles are just so dramatic. Macdee is the only tangle that I keep going back to that isn’t an original Zentangle tangle, I think. I love it’s simplicity and it is such a great background filler.

So, just like choosing my bridesmaids for my wedding thirty years ago, where I had so many close friends that had shared my journey with me, in the end I couldn’t pick just a couple, I think I ended up with eight, including maid and matron of honors, I could not pick just a couple #goto tangles. :D

Bridesmaids and Honor Attendants ~

I just started this project on Saturday and so I only have a few of the tiles done so far. But here they are. Oh, Shattuck is this week’s tangle. Here I’ve incorporated crescent moon, tipple, macdee, paradox, and meer. I really like how meer melded into that third tile.

Several Tiles to Share ~ Lifeofjoy.meSeveral Tiles to Share ~








Several Tiles to Share ~

iamthedivacztFB□1 ~ LifeofJoy.meNow on to the Diva Challenge. I still managed to participate in this as well this week. :) Frunky is an interesting pattern. I used pattern-collections string #27. I also incorporated the focus tangle for Shading Zentangle and Square One: Purely Zentangle, which is Y-ful Power. And finally, pattern-collection’s pattern of the day is flowerly.

I’ve always loved the look of Y-ful but never tried it . . . I guess I just thought it’d be too confusing but it wasn’t bad at all. I enjoyed it. I put it at the bottom of my string then added Frunky to the section above it. Then finally filled in with a few flowerly with a little more frunky interwoven.

Here’s the pre-shaded scan.

Several Tiles To Share ~

I think one reason I love shading is because it hides my wiggly line art. :D I really should put on my magnifying glasses when I tangle.

Several Tiles To Share ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep, definitely should’ve used those magnifying glasses. :D That one smudge in the upper right corner is not shading, it’s a smudge that I created while removing some erroneous graphite. LOL My eraser left a smudge. :D Oh well!

It looks better smaller. See?

Several Tiles To Share ~ Lifeofjoy.meOh yes, much more forgiving! I think this one would look good with distress markers. Maybe I’ll re-draw it on Bristol Vellum paper and give it a whirl . . . but knowing me and everything I’m doing, probably not! :))

Well, that is way more than enough for today. Thank you to all those who comment; you really make my day! You are so encouraging.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº






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