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Routines ~ Lifeofjoy.meHave you ever had days or weeks where you just didn’t get much accomplished? I have had one such week. There are just weeks when I feel as if I have not only not made forward progress but actually feel that I have slipped a bit. It is saddening, depressing, definitely NOT motivating. Sometimes it is just hard to pick oneself up and get back on target but pick myself up, I will!

How do you get yourself back in the groove or in the groove at all, if it is something new you are attempting? I pray about my routines. Yes! I pray about it. Sometimes it is prayer that I’m trying to get back in the groove of and that can be really difficult. Those are the times it is imperative to just buckle down and make myself do the one thing, take time and go pray. Prayer helps so much.

Other times it is the other things I need to get done that is the focus of my dilemma. On those times, it is a little easier because during my prayer times I can pray about the dilemma and obtain strength and grace to make it easier to just get started. I find that if I create some routines, I get more accomplished. Routines help me get certain tasks done on a consistent basis. By doing these routines, I do manage to get more done in my day. It is when I start letting them slip that things get unproductive.

Sometimes there are good reasons for letting a particular routine slip; company and illness come to mind. Sometimes it is just laziness. Sometimes it is busyness. In actuality though, it is always best to stick to routines. This is why I like to make routines. I’m about to begin to review my current routines and see what is working and what isn’t and then make some adjustments and new routines.

It is easiest to attach routines to something I do on a consistent basis. One of the routines I need to work out is when I create these blog posts. The current method, although effective, is not optimal because it is throwing kinks into other routines I have. When I started this blog I was determined not to let Mike feel neglected at all and I think I am failing in some small way; thus my writing routine needs to be rethought.

On a different subject entirely, I ran across a site with some pretty incredible photos. One was a realistic looking picture, done with colored pencils, of a wave at either sunrise or sunset. It is absolutely gorgeous! Take a look.

wave colored pencil drawing

Another really interesting photo was one of a wolf made of pipe cleaners.

wolf pipe cleaners

There are 50 different photos of all kinds of different things from cross-sections of different items to really gorgeous artwork to the view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from the International Space Station and so much more. Go have a look. 50 Incredible Photos

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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