Ringing in the New Year – 2018

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite days/nights of the year.

When I was young, we attended a church that had a watch night service with communion and such, at least that is how I remember it from my very young days. Of course with church moves and moving out of state, practices changed. Twenty years ago when we moved again, the church we attended sometimes had a New Years Eve service/gathering with fun music, skits, and such. We didn’t generally go because we had young children and a little one that frequently went to bed as early as 6:30 pm. Thus, most of the time we ended up just going to bed as usual.

Yep, New Years Eve was just like any other night and I eventually decided that it just shouldn’t be like that. So I talked with my family, and we decided we’d get together and ring in the new year together. I was able to convince/twist Michael’s arm because we lived only five minutes away and I promised him we could leave by five minutes after midnight and thus home and in bed ten minutes later. :)

Over the years though it has turned into a fun night of playing games and snacking on good food, mostly appetizers.

This year the most played game was Concept, a game Sean got for Christmas. I’ll share about it some other time.
NYE Playing Concept ~ Lifeofjoy.meMom and I made a good team. :)

More Concept ~ Lifeofjoy.meEven the younger ones can play it.

We also played some Taboo, with our own family methods which do NOT include a timer or gameboard. But in the end, we went back to Concept.

Of course there was the usual video gaming going on.

Video Gaming too ~ Lifeofjoy.meAt about 11:30 we start packing up and getting our sparkling juice ready, so that we are ready for the countdown. We even pack up the car with what can be packed. :D

Then we find a countdown on one of the national channels and usually watch the replay of the ball dropping in New York. Then we countdown, holler “Happy New Year,” “cheers,” drink, hug, and out the door.

Countdown to New Year ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep, we even have coats on this year because it was cold and they loaded up the car already.

New Year 2018 ~ Lifeofjoy.meNYEve Cheers ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis year we were in the car at 12:05. (Here’s the picture from last year.)New Year ~ Lifeofjoy.meOf course, this year we were at my sister’s house so we were only fifteen minutes away instead of twenty-five. :) Yep, home and in bed ten minutes earlier. :D

I took THM foods but ended up having crossovers. We had yummy THM friendly “pigs in a blanket,” pinwheels made with lavash, Laughing Cow Cheese, peppers and turkey pepperoni, and some other dessert I think. It was yummy and I grazed as I desired, both New Years Eve and New Years Day. Thus it is no surprise that I gained over my 2 pound fluctuation by another pound but it is okay because by Friday it was gone again, and I went lower than all of December. :) Yay! Looking forward to continued losses this year as we eat wonderfully.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. It has been a busy and productive week, which I will share some of next week because I’m sure things are going to slow down quickly and I’m going to be searching for things to share on Fridays again soon.

So, until next time, Happy New Year, and God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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