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Raising Godly Seed ~ Lifeofjoy.me
Tiffany and Sean at Johnathan and Courtney’s wedding. 6/16

Raising children has been such a blessing to me. Yes, there were many times that it was plum hard. There was one time that we were having an especially difficult time with one of them and I remember crying to my mother, over the phone, that if I had known it was this hard, I never would have done it. Of course, just like I’m told childbirth is, in hindsight I cannot even remember why I thought it was so difficult at the time. Now don’t get me wrong, if I stop and really delve through my memories, I can find it again and nearly remember that anguish but overall, it has been forgotten.

Raising Godly Seed ~ Lifeofjoy.me
This picture was taken when Liam was less than a week old, I think.

Having an adorable grandson, is a wonderful fruit of having a married child. Liam is such a blessing and already has our hearts in his hands. :) Gaining another daughter was another sweet fruit of Brian getting married. I look forward to both Sean and Tiffany getting married soon (no, neither is engaged nor dating anyone seriously as of yet though). ;) But I do look forward to them finding their spouses and them joining our family too. And I’m really looking forward to more sweet grandchildren. :)

It is such a blessing to have other people tell me that my grown children are a blessing and a treasure. I know they are but I also know that I’m probably a bit biased. :D

Many people do not give being a parent and raising godly seed the respect or honor or importance that it truly is. It is one of the highest callings, in my opinion. You have been entrusted with the molding of precious little people that will grow up into servants of the Most High God. What an awesome responsibility! Yes, you are the ones that chose to have that precious little life and with it comes a huge responsibility.

How will you fulfill that responsibility? Will you do as the Word instructs and train him up to serve God? Will you put your values and beliefs into this child or will you place your precious one into the care of another for them to put their beliefs, values, and character into?

What is the character of the ones you’ve entrusted the ones you’ve been given responsibility for? What about the other children your children are around? Do they have the same basic values? If you allow your child to be in the company of a child that cusses, your child will probably be exposed to that and may bless you with his new vocabulary. I’ve seen other homeschooled children exposed to the negative attitudes of the public school child and end up acting just like them, which is a real shame.

Sean, Brian, Tiffany ~ LifeOfJoy.meChildren are a huge responsibility! But they are sooo worth the effort! Please know, that although it will not seem like it now, this time goes by quickly and all too soon, they will be all grown up. Enjoy every minute! Enjoy wiping their noses, changing their diapers, snuggling, reading books, talking to them about God and all life entails. Enjoy it all and remember that you have a huge responsibility; handle it with prayer.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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