Post-Christmas Thoughts

Me @ Rhema Lights ~ LifeOfJoy.meChristmas is over and hard to believe. I was planning on running errands today but now I’m second-guessing that decision. I do have enough food to make it until Monday or Tuesday if I decide not to go. Of course, Mike said it is supposed to rain today and I don’t like running errands in the rain. Tiffany still is not feeling very good and would appreciate it if we didn’t go also.

It was a good Christmas! I got lots of things I from my list. I’m excited to play with some of my computer games over the next few days and use my new tiles for Zentangles! :) I look forward to using them.

Mom worked hard and made use all breakfast this morning. This is new over the last few years. I wish she wouldn’t work so hard doing it all. You see, she makes her homemade pizza for Christmas dinner. She makes roughly, a whole pizza for each person except the littlest ones, then we get to take home the leftovers. Yum yum!!!

Unfortunately this year, several of us have gotten various forms of yuckiness that is going around. It started about 10 days ago. Mom, Dad, and my sister Sondra seem to have avoided it. I’m fighting it now . . . dosing on EmergenC, echinacea, garlic, and anything else I can think of. I found some Zicam and took it but it seems to have upset my stomach a bit and that seldom happens.

Sean and Mike are off work today, so it’s going to be a lazy day if I decide not to run errands. I hate it when I am indecisive.  ;)  Tiffany got Terra Nova for Christmas and we started watching it last night; one disk down already.

Well, I think I’ll keep it short and simple today! Have a great one!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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