Physical Touch/Contact

I have noticed that when Michael comes up behind me when I am making dinner and lightly rubs or scratches my back or gives me a quick kiss on the neck that it completely lifts my attitude up a notch. It makes me feel loved and cherished. :) All it takes is once a day or so.

I try to reciprocate because I know how much I like it. But I do try to do something he likes, like scratch his back or rub his foot as I pass by (or go out of my way to rub his foot ;) )

I am seriously surprised how much something so little can make such a huge impact on how I feel.

Sometimes things get busy, it gets uncomfortably hot, or some other such thing and we have gone a couple of days without those extra moments. I don’t think we really realize what kind of impact it makes, especially if tensions have risen or their have been harsh words spoken. But just a few seconds of touch, in a loving manner, when it isn’t expected or when it is clear that there is not some underlying motive, really knits us back together.

I hope this encourages you to take a few seconds and give that extra touch that doesn’t really seem all that important. If after a while of doing so doesn’t illicit some reciprocation, it would be worth kindly mentioning that you’d like the same small attention.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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