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Personal Finance for Teens ~ Lifeofjoy.meLast week I went to the OCHEC Convention in OKC with my baby sister, Tracie. This is the first time we’ve attended in OKC. We had fun together as usual but this time was a little different since we stayed in a hotel. I’ll probably talk much more about the convention tomorrow.

Today is the day I focus on homeschooling, parenting, raising children and such. I thought I’d share this interesting, and very needed, program we came across in the vendor hall last Friday evening.

Personal Finance For Teens! Jeff and Jane Slotnick are the creators of this interesting program. Jane uses it in the school where she teaches. She isn’t able to cover all of the material offered on the website in her short 9-week session but as homeschoolers, we can take our time and use all 11 sections.

Topics include:

  • Introduction – definition of personal finance, debt, financial peace, spending vs. saving, and being single, living on your own, and making wise decisions regarding money.
  • Careers
  • Taxes and Payroll Checks
  • Budgets
  • Saving
  • Life Planner
  • Banking/Checking Accounts
  • Event Cards – used during the simulation of a month’s finances
  • Credit Cards
  • Filing a Tax Return
  • Investing – During this portion of the program they recommend using a free online program called How the Market Works. It is a real-time, streaming stock market game that allows your student to learn how the stock market works with no risk. :)

This reminds me of an accounting class I took in tenth grade. We purchased this kit and kept the books and wrote checks for a business. I really enjoyed it a lot. This is something EVERY child needs to learn, unlike the accounting course I took, so many years ago.

The really awesome thing is that Jeff and Jane have made this extremely affordable. It is only $29.99 per student for an entire year’s access to the website. I highly recommend looking into this very needful program.

Once on their website, you can read more about it on their Features, Screen Shots, and Demo Site tabs.

Even if you don’t use it in its entirety, I think it is a great way to communicate with your child about finances and give them some exposure to how things work in the world before they have to learn about it the hard way.

FYI: Jeff and Jane operate on word-of-mouth advertising, and I have gotten no compensation for sharing this today.

If you try it, I’d love to know.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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