Painting Christmas Cookies ~

Painting Christmas Cookies

THM Sugar Cookies ~

Tiffany and I did so much baking before the weekend even arrived. :) Saturday she made the THM “sugar” cookies while I was doing something else. She was so warm it kept heating up the dough and causing them to fall apart, so she had to keep putting the dough in the refrigerator or freezer to chill back up so she could cut them out.

I don’t know how thick they make theirs but we got a bit more from the recipe than it says you should get. We like ours on the thin side, although we might change our mind. We rolled them to 1/6″ thickness. I know because i have an awesome rolling pin that has rings on it to ensure that the dough is rolled out to the correct thickness over the entire piece of dough. It is really a nice gadget. :)

Brian, Lauren, and Liam came after their morning church services on Sunday morning. After a little visiting we pulled out the cookies, whipped up some frosting, and let the painting begin.

It was fun to see Liam participating this year. :)

Liam cookie decorating ~

If you saw my post last Thursday, it will not surprise you that we had some unusual cookies show up this Christmas. ;) First here are some of the more normal ones:

Star and Tree Cookies ~
Tree cookie ~
Snowman cookie ~

We had fun . . . at least I think we did. I’ll have to check with everyone next time we are together and see if it is something we want to do again.

Painting Cookies ~

Here’s Sean with his uniquely colored candy cane with Brian and Liam in the background. The little one sure does love his daddy. :)

Sean and cookie ~

I believe this was the year of the Gingerbread Ninjas. Here’s Michael’s. I’m not sure what Tiffany is creating in the background here.

Michael and Tiff ~

I believe this ninja is by Brian. He frequently has maimed cookies. :D Don’t know if it fell apart or if it was eaten. ;)

another ninja ~

Near the end, cookies end up a bit more impressionistic than realistic where our menfolk are concerned. Here you can see one more normal cookie: Mitten and someone’s stained glass candy cane and something else. :D

Last normal one ~

Sean’s is a gun, he said. And mine is a blue wrapped candy.

Gun and Candy Cookie ~

Lauren took one of the broken candy piece cookies and created a blue fish. :)

Fish Christmas cookie ~

Sean turned a bell into a Pac Man ghost, :)

pac man ghost cookie ~

while Tiffany made hers into a bumble bee.

bumble bee cookie ~
Ornament gal cookie ~

Well, that was our cookie painting night. Afterwards, I made dinner and we all enjoyed San Francisco Chops and Chicken with dreamfields spaghetti for noodles. I don’t even remember if we cooked anything else with it; we didn’t need anything more with all those cookies to be had.

It was a busy weekend. Way too busy for one post so I’ll share more about Christmas next week. I hope you had a good one and have plans to ring in the new year memorably.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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