Organic Challenge Tile #228

First I want to thank Lee, Jenny, Maggibee,  Annemarie, Lily, Ulrike B, and Kate for your kind comments on last week’s circus themed tile. You really encouraged me! Thanks so much for taking the time to do so. (I used to respond to each commenter but realized they probably never saw my replies, so I stopped doing that.)

iamthedivacztThis week’s Guest Challenger is Cari and she has challenged us to go organic, as in something that looks real or from nature. I read the challenge post on Monday and have been mulling it over for a while. At first I thought I might use Mumsy or Cyme and maybe some hollibaugh with it but I did this in my Zentangle calendar before and didn’t really want to repeat myself, even though it is one of my favorites!

Cyme + Hollibaugh ~ LifeOfJoy.meThen I thought about Henna Drum and that it looks very organic. I’ve been seeing it a lot on Square One: Purely Zentangle on Facebook and have wanted to give it a try. But I didn’t really want it to be a monotangle. I really like Bellaposa by Sandy Bartholomew from the Tangle Library iPhone app and haven’t used it in a long while. So, I thought I’d combine these two and see what I came up with.

Tiffany needed a library day and we haven’t been in ages, so yesterday was the day. We invited Lauren to come with us. Brian and Lauren were coming for dinner last night AND I volunteered to make dinner for a couple that had a baby recently today but I had to make it last night so Sean could take it into town for delivery. All that to say, I had a very busy day ahead of me and didn’t know when I would get my tile done. So I took it to the library with me. :)

After perusing the stacks for about 15-20 minutes and finding a few books, I decided to sit down and tangle away. By the time I finished tangling, the girls were ready to leave. :) All that was left was some shading and to sign it.

Organic DC#228 ~ LifeofJoy.meI’m not too sure about the big henna drum hanging upside down in the middle near the top though. It looks almost like an I staring at me. ;) BUT I do like the baby bellaposa on the right. :)

I thought about doing some aura around all of the tangles on the tile but then just opted to shade it leaving an aura-like white space without the dark black line of an aura. (That sounds confusing to me but I don’t know how to clear it up.) :D

Now, I was re-reading the challenge to write this post and saw that Cari used Henna Drum too! Well! I didn’t mean to be a copycat. ;) Oh well, it is what it is. Hee hee

Well, I’m going to run for now.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

6 thoughts on “Organic Challenge Tile #228

  1. Two really lovely tiles and so very different. I think all Henna Drums (including the huge one) are done very well.

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