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“OREO” “Skinny Chocolate”

Yeah, I know those are a lot of quotation marks but OREO is a trademark and Skinny Chocolate is a chocolate recipe made by Trim Healthy Mama, so I’m just covering my bases. ;) I also know that this picture is not pretty but I don’t care, I wanted to share this pronto.

So here’s the deal, this is a healthy homemade chocolate candy that tastes like Oreo cookies but is made with the same simple, healthy ingredients that the THM Skinny chocolate is made from.

I never realized that Oreos got their taste from . . . get this . . . BLACK COCOA! Yeah, I went out on a limb after watching this youtube video by Marissa and this one by Lindsey and ordered the recommended black cocoa from amazon.

I got it in time for my birthday this last weekend and Tiffany promptly made some for us. OMG!!!! This stuff tastes like Oreos! So now I am going to try out Kristie Sullivan’s oreo type cookie from her Gatherings cookbook and use this black cocoa in it; I just know it is going to be amazing because if coconut oil, sweetener, and black cocoa powder can taste like an Oreo, then I am sure that the cookie using this black cocoa is going to be amazing. :D

So, don’t hesitate, head on over to youtube and watch how easy this candy is to make.

Oh, we don’t melt the coconut oil. Because the current temperature is a bit warm, our coconut oil is soft but not liquidy. Consequently Tiffany just mixes it with the other ingredients and the spreads it onto a parchment paper lined plate and puts it into the freezer until it solidifies. Then we just break off what we want and enjoy. :)

Yeah, I know the cocoa is expensive but it is worth it!

Michele ºÜº

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