‘Nzepple and Stripes

iamthedivacztThis week’s Diva Challenge is to draw some stripes for my string. I decided to to uneven stripes so the ones at the bottom are thicker stripes than the ones at the top.

Until doing this tile, I had not tried my hand at Footlites. I’ve seen it and admired it but hadn’t given it a go, so I thought it would make a good tangle on the bottom stripe. I decided to have Footlites shining up on the second stripe too.

Since the WZTV (Weekly Zentangle Tangle Video) focus tangle is ‘Nzepple, which is a favorite tangle of mine, I decided to use it on the third stripe. This is one of those tangles that I really struggled with learning how to draw. I think my confusion started with just how to get the lines drawn to start out. But later when someone else introduced a different way to begin ‘Nzepple with lines from all different directions, it gave me a freedom so that I didn’t struggle with all the lines being just so. That’s when it became a favorite tangle.

I decided to crown my tile with Zenith on my top stripe. Since I was running out of space I decided to go with the version that puts the circles on both sides of the points instead of at the top of each point. I really should play around with Zenith a bit more because I keep forgetting to make my initial curves deep and close together but it works anyway. ;)


DC#235 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI hope it looks like the footlites are shining up behind the ‘nzepple to the zenith, as that was my intention. If not, no big deal, as I enjoyed drawing this one.

Here is a tile I did last week. I wanted to play with CanT a bit more, so this is what I came up with. I did one large CanT in the center of the tile and then a larger one around it. Then I did some Hollibaugh behind it. I love the effect the blackened areas produce.

Oh! I had drawn a loop in my border, so I made it a pearl sitting on the hollibaugh.

CanT ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Thank you!!!

I really appreciate the kind words left by those commenting last week. You were very encouraging.

Thanks also to those that clicked the “like” heart at the bottom of the page. It’s nice to know you liked it. :)

Well, that’s it for this week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

4 thoughts on “‘Nzepple and Stripes

  1. I think you did succeed in having the footlights seem like they are shining up behind N’zepple and Zenith. I also started playing around with N’zepple just last night—for some reason. Something in the air, perhaps. Both your tiles work well. As someone who did 2 orbs full of microscopic CanT, I think you had a much better idea. Nice.

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