My Favorite Time of Year has Begun

Fall ~ Lifeofjoy.meI reached my goal the other day! :) You might be wondering what goal that is . . . well, it is the goal of getting the cover done for Tiffany’s book. Yes, I know, her ebook came out last December and I should have gotten the cover done way before now but . . . well, I thought I had it done once and it didn’t work and I had to re-do it . . . AND . . . I finished it. :) If all goes well, we should be able to have the paperback in people’s hands by cyber Monday.

Michael came home one day this week with this lovely bouquet . . . for no reason . . . just to bring me joy, and they definitely have.

For No Reason ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhen he brought them home, there were quite a few that were just buds and now they’ve opened up. They are beautiful. I’m soooo blessed!!! (It’s the little things!)

Sean got my fall box out for me recently and now I have some of my favorite things up. Fall Decor ~ Lifeofjoy.meI was so happy when Tiffany put this up! I had forgotten all about it. It was a gift from a secret sister from a homeschool group many years ago. It is one of my favorite things! (Thanks Tracy Miller, if you ever see this, I still love it.)

When we were shopping last week, I caught a 70% off sale at Michael’s and got this darlin’ pumpkin stack for $6.50 with tax.

Fall Pretties ~ lifeofjoy.meThis basket of flowers is another thing that brings me joy.

Pumpkin decor ~ lifeofjoy.meI got the Pilgrims and Indians, as well as the turkey, from Dollar Tree one year. They just bring a smile to my face. :) The Pilgrims are a candle holder; it’s a very small candle but a holder all the same. Now I just have to find them. ;)

This basket made of small corn cobs and  husks, with Indian corn, is another favorite. And this table runner was given to me either by my mother or my oldest son and his wife. I think it was Brian and Lauren but Tiffany thinks I’ve had it longer than they’ve been together. (I’m guessing Lauren will let me know in the comments; so you can check there if you care. ;D )

Fall Table Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’ve written about a couple of other things that bring a smile to my face immediately: my dishwasher magnet and my orange lights. Tiffany switched out the plain orange lights for a white strand with fall foliage. I have decided that I greatly prefer the orange lights. I wanted the fall foliage up and know that I need a strand of orange lights for the dinner next Friday, so I just had her go ahead and trade out the lights now. When I was running errands this week,  Walmart didn’t appear to have any left in the clearance section after Halloween, so it’s a good thing we switched them out. ;)

During the month of October, the chiropractor that we use has a complementary first visit with x-ray. I decided I’d go ahead and get my first visit in during this special. I don’t have any real reason to go but I just think it is a good idea to have the base work done and then I can go for vega testing if I need it in the future too.

I did find that my blood pressure is elevated, so I will be looking forward to meeting with him about the results and suggestions. I was not anxious at all, so I cannot even blame the high blood pressure on that. Since I went with Tiffany last year, I got to know the staff and really feel comfortable and at ease with them. (Hi Kim!!! :o ) So, any elevation in blood pressure is real, not from doctor anxiety.

While there filling out my paperwork in the lobby, my old friend Joyce came in. :) It was good to see her. I wish I’d have been able to visit better but I was filling out the neverending questionnaire. We have set up a time to set up a time to get together soon.

I’m going to be very busy next week. I’m hostessing the church Holiday Bash and am so excited! BUT I will be out of the house a lot next week. The holidays are fast approaching and Tracie and I have yet to go shopping once together, so we will probably do so one day early next week. Then there is shopping to be done for the dinner on Friday and our own groceries to buy and errands to run one day. Then I have some lovely ladies joining us to decorate the church on Thursday for the dinner. And of course, I get to cook it at the church Friday. I love how God had me trained to do this so that it is fun and not overwhelming. :) But I can assure you, come Saturday, I am going to crash! LOL

Well, I got stuff to do. Games, activities, and decorations to prepare, so I’m going to run.

Until next time, God bless and enjoy this wonderful time of year!

Michele ºÜº


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    1. Yay! I was right! :) I wondered because I then saw the Christmas one I have in the other room and thought, well maybe it was Brian and Lauren that gave me the Christmas one. ;)

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