More Driving and Lunches

As I mentioned yesterday, Tiffany got her learner’s permit to drive last Friday. It was hard earned and over two hours waiting at the DPS (Dept. of Public Safety) but she did accomplish it. :)

We had conference this week at our church and we are helping out by serving continental breakfast (muffins, donuts, bagels, yogurt, fruit, coffee, and a few other drinks). Mostly what we do is clean up and deal with coffee. ;)

At any rate, since we were going to the church daily, Tiffany would be driving me. The one problem with this plan, as Mike saw it, was that she would have to drive on I-75 to get there. Thus he required that she drive us to church Sunday, which is something he did not do with the boys.

She had a challenge before we ever got to the highway though. One most people never have to deal with.

Traffic jam of a different sort ~ Lifeofjoy.meI know it is a bit blurry but you should be able to look out he front windshield and see the traffic ahead. We made it around the cows without incident. :)

Being a Sunday morning, Tiffany’s first experience on a highway was a very good one. :) She did well. She has chauffeured me all week and has done a really good job. Mike even complemented her on her driving skills saying, she is doing better than he expected. To be fair, the portion of the highway we travel on is not very congested at the time we went through.

Those are the only challenges she’s had though. We have quite a few “s” curves on our way to church. Well, truth be told, we have several no matter where we are headed. :D She is definitely better than she was last Friday.

I have surprised myself with my lunch choices this week. ;) I have had a salad every day! Yay me! On Monday I was kind of pushed into it. We went to a local hospital and ate. They have delicious bacon cheeseburgers and an inexpensive salad bar. When we arrived I debated between getting onion rings or a small salad to go with my burger. The onion rings won because they only cost $1 but when I place my order they were out of onion rings so I went with the small salad, which was larger than expected.

Tuesday I surprised myself again by ordering a house salad with grilled chicken and a baked potato at Cracker Barrel. Prior to this visit I had never had lunch there, only breakfast. The grilled chicken was seasoned excellently.

The next day we went to CiCi’s pizza. Once again I got a salad. Albeit, this time it was a puny salad but hey, that’s better than I’ve done before. The stuffed crust pizza was okay but most of the others were dry and mostly crust.

Yesterday I took Lauren, my daughter-in-love, to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I got the salad special again. Delicious! We had a good visit and I got us each a dark chocolate mint to top it all off. Yummo!

Today is the last day of the conference and clean-up day. Last year we did it in record time. I hope we can do as well today. :)

I hope you have a good weekend. If you’re at Cracker Barrel for lunch on a week day, give the salad special a try.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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